As the title says. I can see positives and negatives of with and without the artist name. I think the database needs to make a decision.

Yes. Inspecialy for groups and Alias (Artist name)

I think Boyzone, Take That and Duran Duran are fine that the name of the group get a credit too. But needed not for groups or Alias that only have one music video. In both cases, but inspecialy with last option the names of members should have at. With that last option should not at groups name as artist. see * comment later... Also when you at a name you should known or you use Artist (as in Boyzone, Marco Borsato) , actor (who play chacter who sings) and use starring (Daphne Dekkers in De music video of Marco Borsato - De Waarheid)

For example i at one groups only music video with artist and title, then i at names of actors as actor name. Not groups name as artist, to save room for the website. People who are part of group did more then only this music.

On the Alias (chacter from a movie) with also only one music i at the Alias name with title (because thats name song is moost known as), at actors name as actor name. The actor did more then only playing this chacter.

*The artist name in title and names in music video made you can find them back. At the names made that the music video found back under the artist. For example music video of Boyzone wil been seen under Ronan Keating and Boyzone. Madonna is only Madonna.

for record i haven't at Ronan Keating name and other members yet, but it something i like see happening.

I also have seen chachters name at as Artist chacter name and i realy like to at famale singers name.

I think the search will be much easier when the artist name is in the title. There are many song titles which are used by many other artists. Maybe not the best example, but the song title "Jingle Bell Rock" is played by Hall & Oates, Bobby Helms, Bobby Rydell, Max Bygraves etc. When there is only a title you need to check several submissions till the reach the right one.

Example already in Filmogs: Like a prayer (Madonna & Mad'house). At the moment there are 2 possibilities, but what when there are 10 or 20? At the moment you can choose the right submission right away because the artist name is visible.

Mycdhitzone, you added 4 Fun as video. The image you added has nothing to do with that video (so I removed it), a screenshot of the video is possible. I created 4 Fun as credit and placed the picture there.

Based on the guidelines

Special Rules for music videos:

Enter music videos in the format [performer]: [song title]

Thanks TheWho87

I put this question to a forum ages ago when music videos first started being added to the site. The only reason i suggested putting the artist in the title, and started doing it that way, was that's how IMDb does it. With 4,000+ music videos on the site now, i'd say it's worth keeping that way.

Also on music videos, i wouldnt consider each song from a concert recording an individual music video

but often music videos are live recordings. In those cases it should probably have a film page created.

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