Tv Movie should be enered as a independent category to me, not as a feature film tout court, it should be included in the category options.

A TV movie is a film made for distribution on TV, thus making it a feature film. I don't see how a film is distributed affects what type of film it is, does this mean we must also have "Cinema Movie" and "Home Release Movie" categories as well?

I don't make it a question of better or worse. In my opinion a film made for the cinema and a film produced for the small screen are simply two different categories. It is not a question of quality, but simply of category. It's just a matter of order. I know it can be specified in the entry, but why not create a special category for TV movies? It would also be easier to search for them ...

Well technically there already is, it's the sub genre of TV Movies

This has allready been explained when EK was around.

TV Movie is a feature film which is distributed through TV Channels use Feature film and put TV Channel in notes TV Movie is not a sub genre or genre and should be removed.

filmogs goes by the length of films not if distributed on tv.

tv movie in notes

I agree with TheWho87, 'TV Movie' is better served as a sub-genre:

Personally I don't like that it being a sub genre, but I can understand it being one.

Please no! TV movie is the most abused label on IMDb. It gets applied to anything and everything. Seriously. I've seen it applied to Music Videos (presumably because someone saw fool saw it on TV!!!). It gets applied to practically everything Film Four produced, even Oscar winners (an Oscar can only be awarded to films released theatrically in LA).

The largest misconception is that films produced or co-produced with TV companies are TV movies. As zamla_71's post above shows this is incorrect. Show me a major studio that hasn't also been in TV production since the 1950s? Or indeed own TV channels? They don't exist. Getting pre-sales to TV doesn't make a TV movie. Its a fricking pre-requisite of film finance globally and has been for decades.

A TV movie MUST be made for the TV "windows"* (terrestrial, satellite and cable). So by rights they shouldn't be available in the rental or sell-thru "windows" either. As soon as they are, they are no longer TV only. Though I accept that this point is debatable, if one argues that the primary market is TV. But that's a murky argument. Despite initial theatrical releases, many Hollywood films' primary market in the 1990s were (DVD) rental and sell-thru.

  • 'window' is the term for opportunity of exploitation in the distribution value chain. Theatrical is one window, airline/hotels is another, DVD sell thru is another, rental is another, etc, etc.
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