So how is it going to work? Will it be integrated into the discogs website or will it be a seperate site? Is this made by the makers of discogs? When will the site be officially open? Thanks.

The questions I can answer (as I'm not teo or nik ;) are:

1) Yes, it is made by the makers of Discogs
2) From what I understand, this site will be a sister site to Discogs but will not be integrated into it

That's right, Kergillian. It's a side-project of Discogs. Nik and I have been working on it part time for a few months. It is a totally separate database.

This is a private test right now to gauge interest and feasibility. I guess within a few months we could either open to everyone or invite more Discogs users to the test.

@teo, as part of this testing, what are priorities?

  1. Fill up the database with as much a variety of data as possible?
  2. Don't submit a lot and just test with a little. I've been submitting a fair amount and don't know if I should continue or hold off for a bit.

Hi Adambassador! Keeping submitting is fine. You should use the site as you see fit, and as you find useful for cataloging your film collection.

The priorities were to have a good base system to build on. So at the moment, we have the (almost) bare minimum we felt was necessary for that.

Going forward, the priorities are to add features in the order they seem important. So for example a submission form is on the horizon at the moment.

This is so exciting - been waiting for this forever and I'm glad you guys went forward! I just wish I had more time to submit stuff :(

Glad you are excited by the project! I'm really excited as well, amazing to be starting a new database with you folks :o)

Don't worry about the amount of time you can devote. Any input or feedback or participation is really most welcome.

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