This is just one example I have run accross. Not sure how it can be fixed as it seems many search engines have degraded in the same way.(makes me miss the 90's)

I just searched for the term "Kingdom Of The Spider"(w/o quotes) and pressed enter.
Guess where Kingdom Of The Spiders was found...
Position # 21!!
Seriously? There are only 40 positions!

So, I add the final s in the title and it now shows at position #5

Tried searching for "Kingdom Of The"(again, w/o quotes) and end up with position #14

Of course, the quck find / drop down has it in position #1 when pasting any of the above terms and shows up when typing once you get to "Kingdom Of"(yet again, w/o quotes) at position #3.

Just thought I should bring it up as not everyone searches the same way and frustrations can lead some to abandonment.

first thing that comes up for me is the 1977 movie kingdom of tge spiders.


Would also be nice if the search actually worked

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