You now have more control over your Filmogs Collection, Wantlist, and Following lists with filtering and sorting on list pages.

From your list pages, use the filters in the left column to drill down on submission types, like Film, Release, Credit or Company, fields like format, packaging, country of origin, genre and sub-genre. You can also filter on more than one thing at a time (e.g. check out LaserDiscs for sale in your Wantlist, or Italian VHS in your Collection).

You can also use the sorting dropdown in the top-right to sort your Collection, Wantlist and Following lists in alphabetical order, by date it was added to or edited in the database, or order by date of release or distribution.

This should make managing your Collection and Wantlist easier, and more interesting to chop your lists into different categories. Hope you enjoy it, let us know what you think.

can you also at a buttob like this one as on discogs that bring the pages to left and back.

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Would it be possible to add this to the following section, I'd like to clean up what I'm following but don't want to go through all 200+ pages.

Hi TheWho87,
This does currently apply to the Following list as well, but unfortunately doesn't work on lists of items over 1024, so if you have more than that in your Following list the filters won't show up. Sorry for the inconvenience, we're hoping to roll out improvements that will cover those bigger lists soon.

Guess that's the downside of my slightly agressive clean up of pages here, I'm nearly at 10,000.

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