I am having problems with this user jacobroy489/jacobroy57. He makes fake listings, puts unreleated images such as cassetts and covers on company pages, disabling images of variant/reversible covers on release, puts images of the same tape label on some releases. On his fake listings, I asked him if his listings are real and he claimed his listings are real, which is a lie. Then I asked him why are his price, shippping cost and quanity numbers are the same for each listing he made, I never heard back. Please take care of this user. He ingores my editing notes when I told him to stop putting unreleated images into company photos and disabling variant/reversible covers. Here's an example: https://www.filmo.gs/release/353001-thomas-the-tank-engine-friends-james-learns-a-lesson-other-stories/history and this example when he puts unrelated images into company pages: https://www.filmo.gs/company/207104-strand-vci-entertainment/history

And if I'm not mistaken, variant/reversible covers doesn't have to be their own individual release page even if it's released in the same year, correct?

Let the staff handle the user i mean keep reverting the pictures as this user is vandalising.

and you are correct about reversible covers if same year 1 release but make sure all matrix and codes match up.

I wish the staff could handle the user sooner. One of the staff mambers thanked me for the heads up after I posted in the fourm about his fake lisitngs, but nothing has been done. He keeps on making fake listings.

Strange the staff go awol heaps on here.

Have you tried sending a message to a staff member?

I'm looking into this now and will contact the user. I can't see any original contributions on either of those accounts - are they all edits on submissions made by other users? Do you have links for these?
For future reference, it's best to file a support request for things like this so it goes directly to a team that can help. It's easy for issues to get by us in the forums.

If by contributions, you mean the release and the company? I made those contributions in the link. It's the edits on the submissions made by jacobroy489. I saw your comment to him and he either doesn't read your comment, my editing notes, or just ignores them. He keeps disabling the varant covers after you told him. Then he disabled the ! mark image on the duplicate release (which I made before I read the topic that varant covers doesn't need their own release page, here's the link to dupe: https://www.filmo.gs/release/360479-thomas-the-tank-engine-friends-james-learns-a-lesson-other-stories). There's got to be a way to stop jacobroy489 with his annoying edits.

And I have links for his other unncecessary edits:





Thanks for the extra info and links. I saw they disregarded my messages so I've banned them until further notice.

Just a follow up note - do these submissions state the cover is reversible anywhere? That would be worth adding in the Notes field for clarity

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