I don't think Ninja Ressurrection qualifies: https://www.filmo.gs/film/250774-mo-jie-zhuan-sheng-di-yu-bian
"Historical" seems more appropriate for films based on real-world events/history, not low fantasy/"real-world magic"-based narratives set in a particular historical period. Otherwise, what's Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc.?

This series is based off historical events.

Ninja Resurrection takes place in the Tokugawa era at a time when Christians in Japan were being persecuted.

Where do the supernatural and otherwise extremely improbable elements factor into proper "historical" genres, though? That's what I'm questioning.

There's loads of low fantasy written in real-world settings and contexts (historical, contemporary, rural, urban). It's the fantasy element that seperates them from even otherwise dramatized "historical" accounts in my mind. Is Inglorious Basterds a "historical film", too? Is Titanic? WWII happened! The Titanic existed!

Do you see where I'm coming from, at least?

PS: Oh my God! Titanic is listed as a "Historical" film here, too! inert head-smacking emoticon here

I'd argue the cut off point being anything pre-20th century.

if the series was about looking into the Titanic ship yes thats hiatorical but not the 1997 film it's self.

Yes, Jo_Store, I'm referring to the 1997 film.

TheWho87 wrote:

I'd argue the cut off point being anything pre-20th century.

Well, I am not really arguing for a cut-off date, but for things which include completely fabricated events in historical contexts, versus historical dramatizations of historical, non-fictional happenings. The Titanic existed. It definitely sank.

But the story that the film is based upon is all or entirely fictional. I don't care if they said it was "based on a true story". That is the Hollywood equivalent of "USDA Organic"!

but against things... And I should stress, compeletely, obviously, blatantly fabricated events, not genuine attempts at historical retellings (which are never going to be completely accurate after everyone who could oppose them has already died).

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