We're on for the S.P.IN again this year! We're aiming for 2500 new film release submissions on Filmogs this month and we need your help. Check out the leaderboard, progress on our submission target, and recently added items here.
While any and all release submissions are welcome on Filmogs, this year we're especially keen to get more music-related releases added to fill out the new Film tab on Discogs Artist pages. So if you've got favorite biopics, documentaries or other music-related films, get them into the database and climb the leaderboard.
Thanks for your help!

Any chance for staff to lend a hand in cleaning up things here by going through the threads and removing some of the stuff mentioned or shall we just work around the mess?

I'd think cleaning up what's here already would be better than adding more to it.

Agreed so far new members have added bad submissions for this event.

some one named daniellejackson is adding dupe companies and fake ones.

other new users are adding copyrighted images and releases as films.

we need proper action or people like thewho87 promoted to staff as he is actually the only person cleaning stuff up around here.

i have asked staff to get in contact with daniellejackson but this user contuines to make dupe companies and fakes.

Fair point, I've just done a big clean up of company, credit and film duplicates and got in touch with a few users who need a bit more direction.

Nice to see some clean up happening, there is only so far we can go before having to basically edit everything.

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