Could somebody please add "German Democratic Republic (GDR)" to the list of countries?


And please add Czechoslovakia too!

You can add these by typing in the country.

for example the soviet union and west and east germany both have films on here and they are not in the list.

Developers, please add Antarctica and the hidden lands beyond it as an option.

yes you can add countries as new entries. Unfortunately they are not added to the list. Most of the releases i add are for the BENELUX market, so i have to add that quite regular.

@Jo_Store: Thanks, I didn't even try to enter it by myself. I guess I 'm still in discogs mode, where country is a predefined list... How can I get a full list of countries? Usinge the browse function I only get the Top 10.

@EK_: East Germany vs. German Democratic Republic is a good explanation why I was asking to add countries. Because sooner or later somebody will have to go through all the East Germany movies and change them to German Democratic Republic or the other way around. In addition we will have typos, countries submitted in another language, and so on. A fixed list, and everything will be fine. Same applies for languages on the release pages.

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