Is it a general rule here, perhaps to make it easier for others to create English titles to capitalize every word in a title value? Words like "of", "the", "and" (articles, prepositions, or coordinating conjunctions) when in the middle of a title are usually by English language rules not capitalized, and most titles in the IMDB database, where I cut and paste them from follow those rules too. But I've had many titles "corrected" to have these words capitalized. Just want to find out the general rules that the site wants to have followed to minimize the needs for corrections later, even if it they are such not following normal English language rules as noted here. It is hard to tell from the titles on the cases themselves, as in many cases the words are all capitalized.

I know it is hard for me to create other language translations of "original titles" of foreign films, and can understand if a simplified set of rules are needed to make it easier for all to have consistency on the titles here which many of us enter in languages that are not our own. Just would like to have these rules clarified when they aren't in some cases proper.

I recall seeing something in the guidlines a bit back about capitalising every word in a title, but I don't know where that has gone.


the only acceptins is like van or von words like that i think.

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