i have found 2 video games on here.

https://www.filmo.gs/release/163940-perfect-dark-zero-limited-collectors-edition ps3 and xbox 360 game both discs can only work on xbox and none are dvd compatable, the first disc is the full game while the secound one includes bonus features including the creation of the game (artwork, scenes and model guide)

and another one which includes a dvd.


this one looks like its allowed on the database, but perfect dark im unsure about.

i also have a xbox 360 trailer disc which has dvd trailers and game trailers is it allowed?

And also should i link a video game if it apperes on the trailer disc example if it includes the game trailer should i link that to a promotional video film or just not add the video games because this ia filmogs and not gamesogs.

Jo_Store wrote:

And also should i link a video game if it apperes on the trailer disc example if it includes the game trailer should i link that to a promotional video film or just not add the video games because this ia filmogs and not gamesogs.

Hey Jo_Store why do you seem eager to police what content goes up here and want to take my Shenmue II submission down? Shenmue (as a series) has had a couple of video related content made available - THAT is why I have submitted the Shenmue series here on Filmogs. I thought it would be stupid to add the "What's Shenmue" Japanese VHS tape and the Shenmue II X-Box game that came with the DVD movie of Shenmue 1 and not add it to a concurrent main contribution.

I mean if we can add musical acts and spots teams (what is this Sportsogs?) why can't we add video games that have dedicated video examples to document?

i wasen't saying don't submit it i am not policing it either i was asking if i should add the games trailers as films sknce they are included on the disc.

your subs are fine.

RE: Shenmue

I think this is valid.

I do not think this is valid because a FILM page should not be used for a series of related films or franchises.

this is what i said

" https://www.filmo.gs/release/333719-shenmue-ii

this one looks like its allowed on the database"

though i didnt know the other one displayef the dvd on back image so both are fine.

Should i add the elder scrolls Oblivion as a film since the demo is included in the xbox disc along with

Tomb Raider Legend
Battlefield II
NFS Most Wanted

or not?

I added Shenmue as a catch-all film submission because of the promo Japanese "What's Shenmue" VHS tape with footage of the first game and the Shenmue II Xbox game that has the full Shenmue I DVD film and I did not want those 2 subs to just be floating around Filmogs and not tied to a base sub. Since the first Shenmue story is told on that DVD movie I thought I would add Shenmue as a film and it could make sense to do so. Thus allowing a catch-all page for the Shenmue submissions on various formats.

Should i add video games as films or not?

I mean if the music video and movie trailers are accepted are video games the same in that aspect?

No. A playable video game is not the same thing as a film/tv episode.

The Shenmue example is not valid. It should only contain the film.

Thank you EK.

The software (be it the the video game, computer software or anything similar) should not be created in the database with a film entry.

As surprising as it is to have to say it the only content on the release that should be entered as a film is the content that is a video.

I have submitted a few Video Game related titles myself, similar to what Jo_Store is mentioning, which are mostly trailers, gameplay previews or commercials. So far I have not added film entries for these as I am unsure how to properly catalogue them.


Both of which contain no software but are straight up DVD-Video discs.

An example of a genuine video game release which I have submitted is below, this is because the third DVD is a DVD Video containing a making of documentuary.

For the software part (the video game) I simply refer to its existence in the description and for the chapters mark those discs as containing DVD-ROM content.


The only video game content I have added is the Xbox game disc of Shenmue II. And I only added that because it was part of the complete set which included the digest (Movie) of Shenmue I. I can delete that disc from that sub but I do not think I should delete the main submission of Shenmue because that is home to the What's Shenmue promo VHS tape w/footage and the Xbox Shenmue II game that includes the digest (Movie) of Shenmue I. So, technically, there is a movie of Shenmue I and I don't know why Jo Store is so eager to remove my subs.

thefavouriteplay - that is fine but please update the notes in your film submission: https://www.filmo.gs/film/333712-shienmu

Remove the hype text, which isn't really necessary at the moment and is generally not welcomed, and provide a description for the film content something like.

"This entry is for the digest movie that appears on the Shenmue II release."

Similar to how my notes for: https://www.filmo.gs/film/40979-making-of-oblivion are "Documentary that includes behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion video game."

Also looking at that film entry I see you have also attributed it to release:

Does this release contain the same video content that is found on the DVD included with the XBOX game?

If not then please set a new film entry for https://www.filmo.gs/release/333711-whats-shienmu and provide a description for that.

A film entry exists for a specific item of filmed footage. With the exception of different "cuts" or "edits" (such as Unrated, Theatrical, Directors etc.) if a film is wildly different on one release to the next then it should in theory consitute a new film entry in the database. The only major exception to this rule is how we currently handle TV shows, where an overarching TV series exists with each episode having its own film page - something which although not a best fit is what we are managing with for now.

If there were a way to add a "series" to this for the general Shenmue title I would agree. But I did a standard シェンムー as a catch-all because the "What's シェンムー" vhs release is foootage of the first game to get Japanese player accustomed to it. Where the Shenmue 1 digest movie disc is the first story told. So, they both are about the Shenmue story and more specifically Shenmue 1. And Shenmue is considered one whole story. So maybe a "series" designation would be best in this instance.

Yes you could link the series together with a credit called "Shenmue" but please (if you can) make a film entry for each release if their video content is different and explain in the notes field what each film is roughly about (like you have done so in your last reply).

If you need a hand let me know.

So, I have to delete the main Shenmue sub, and Shenmue II and What's Shenmue? VHS. Then resubmit them with a credit link to a new Shenmue sub?

The release entries (Shenmue II and What's Shenmue) are fine, leave them be.

Here is how I would handle this:

  • You can re-purpose the film entry (https://www.filmo.gs/film/333712-shienmu) to match the filmed content that appears on Shenmue II. This can be done very easily by simply adding a description that explains what this film is about, as it's not obvious to most.
  • You create a new film entry for the filmed content on What's Shenmue, again with a description explaining what the film is about
  • Unlink the release What's Shenmue from it's current film entry and then link the new film entry from Step 2
  • Then go to each film entry (which you should now have two) and add a credit with the role "Series" and the name "Shenmue"
  • Then once this series credit has been created add a description such as "this credit exists to group together all filmed content surrounding the video game series Shenmue"

I don't think anyone was questioning the RELEASE - https://www.filmo.gs/release/333719-shenmue-ii

The Shen-moo-moo FILM "series" page is the issue. This sort of thing, havings franchises as credits, films or sub-genres, has been discussed before and those 'solutions' are incorrect - in my opinion.

It would be helpful for developers to create franchise/series fields or something. Dragon Ball is a great example - 5 TV Series, TV Specials, many theatrical films, video game releases that contain either bonus discs (Blu-ray) or actual exclusive episodes on the video game disc, etc.

The current search capabilities on filmogs aren't the greatest...but that is another concern.

I agree EK_ being constrained by limited fields on the forms is annyoing. A series really isn't a company, and should be its own "data type" almost. But that is another thing to look at in another thread.

I have done most all of what you have said sound.and.vision. Which I think now it looks better. Because, I have added a release just for "Shenmue: The Movie" which had separate vhs and dvd releases around the world as well not just the Xbox game/dvd bundle. So now I can't seem to add the -What's Shenmue main sub and the -Shenmue: The Movie main sub to シェンムー as a series. Am I missing something?

For future reference how is the "Series" option created and could we the submission to the Japanese titled sub as well? https://www.filmo.gs/film/333712-shienmu

Aah OK I see what has happened, so there is no way of turning a film submission into a series (which takes on the data type of a credit).

I have taken a moment to help.

So the series has been added as a credit (https://www.filmo.gs/credit/343391-shenmue) I know it's not perfect, we hope that one day we will get a seperate series data type, but for now credit is the most appropriate of these.

To this series credit I have attached your two new film entries:

As for what happens to: https://www.filmo.gs/film/333712-shienmu

Well if you have another film entry (doesn't matter what it is) that you wish to add then you go into that film, delete all the data in the form and input the data for the new film - effectively repurposing it. Or we can ask the dev team nicely if they could remove the entry, which has to be done via a support request:

Hopefully this makes sense. Filmogs is growing, it is not a finished product and things always change. Sometimes this change doesn't happen as quickly as the community members would like, but change does come eventually. The site as you see it and interact with it today is miles better than it was when I started a few years ago.

Regarding data types, there are three main ones as so:
- Film
- Release
- Credit

The under these exist many sub-types such as genre, sub-genre, country, format, packaging type etc. Hopefully we will get a "Series" data type and that will reduce a lot of the pain and discomfort of using the credit datatype.

Here is a potential problem - calling a 'franchise' a 'series' BECAUSE there are a number of filmogs users that add 'series' as COMPANIES - and their 'series' are not the same as the 'series' being discussed above.

This is part of a larger issue with filmogs: the data/field types are too loose with what is acceptable data...plus the actual naming of various data types are COMPLETELY INCORRECT. It would seem simple enough to correct - there are international standards and industry standards available, so it is not like one has to make stuff up.

Also are ps2 games allowed on here since they have the DVD logo printed on them?

ps3 disc has bluray logo

ps4 disc as it displays the bluray logo?

ps1 is printed with compact disc

yes they don't have films / movies or tv shows but they have the correct logos printed on them like dvd and bluray, which makes them

the ps2 discs were classed as dvd discs it would be nice to have these included but i dought it if the staff say yes it will take me a few months to upload my ps2 collection :P

I'd argue games should not be valid, however some games did come with DVD's, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Final Fantasy X spring to mind, they might be viable more for the Making of video on the seperate DVD.

I'm not expecting them to be included, as most doon't feature a film or a show.

TheWho87 wrote:

I'd argue games should not be valid, however some games did come with DVD's, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Final Fantasy X spring to mind, they might be viable more for the Making of video on the seperate DVD.

I have a 2-disc king of fighters 1 is the ps2 game and the other is a making of dvd and behind the scenes creation etc, i have seen Oblivion and shimurea on here and the greatest nes games of all time

i gess my kof would be a valid addition.

I'd say yeah, but your only recording the DVD not the game.

Always got my 100+ wrestling dvd collection to add which i may start on (My personal collection).

That reminds me to get round to finishing those blank wrestling events I made.

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