he is vandalising all releases which have no nsfw for example

directores and actresses just because they feature on a film he thinks NSFW

series marked NSfW because they amade the dvd.

i thought NSFW marking was only if it displayed nudity not because it says pornographic or is an actress or director on a film.

have you tried sending sound.and.vision a pm? He is a very active member of this community. I'm sure he will react.

This whole subject has turned out to be a worse tar baby than I ever would've figured it could (or should) be.

I've beat my positions into the ground already. I am staying out of any future discussions about "porn" and "NSFW" content. They're just tedious.

Jo_Store: We appreciate the vigilance and looking out for the database. But again we really think these are best discussed on the individual submission pages (leave a comment in history or edit the submission and leave a note). This will send a notification to the user and then things can be discussed on a case by case basis.

These naming and shaming threads are not a constructive way to tackle these things. Assume good faith (long standing contributors are probably not out to vandalise anything, its likely just a disagreement about specifics)

If updating or commenting in the history doesn't work please link to individual submissions where you disagree so that a more substansive discussion about specifics can be had.

For more info on the sensitive content setting see the guidelines

@kalli i have but he keeps doing it its turned into a edit war.

on duscogs it would be differejt for vandalizers they would get automatically incorrect or simply a revert.

its mostoy tge companies he is worried about and keeps saying please mark nsfw if you edit these again.

Please provide specific examples in that case. And link the user to this thread so that they can respond.

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