submitted but see no option of adding any credits in the submission form, how can I add credits to this?

thats a release not a film.

you must add the release to a film and in the film you can add credits.

Jo_Store wrote:

you must add the release to a film

It is the other way around. You add the film to the release. This is a release database, it is best practice to start with the release as take22 has done.

Take22, simply edit your release, near the bottom of the form, the penultimate box has a button 'Add Film'. Click it, add the film Kameleon. Once added you can credit to your heart's content.

For future reference if there is already a film with the name you are adding to your release - examine it. If it is the correct film, click on it, otherwise add your new one.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I found the link, hope I have done it correctly now

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