I just added a new film to Filmogs, but there isn't a place to add the different releases (i.e. different dvd and Blu Ray releases of the same movie). Can someone explain to me, how to do this? Thanks

Hey David, what you do is hit "Contribute" and "Add Release" fill in all the info for the DVD and at the end in the next to last field push "Add to film" find your film and select it. Add submission notes and submit. Rinse and repeat for other variants.

thefavoriteplay is spot on.

Another helpful time saver is that if there is already a release similar to the one you want to add you can select Add one like this from the drop down in the right hand sidebar. That will copy over all the information and you can change or add the fields that distinguish your release from the one that was already there (probably things like identifying codes, territories, subtitles and so on).

There's more documentation to be found too:

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I will try that now.

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