hi all can i add releases not yet released to the public but i have pre orderd into my store?

if i have it in hand is that allright for example we have a few items that just came in relesed publicly in 2 days but i got the stores copies in today is that allright?

or should i wait 2 days before adding these copies of arrow films and a dc comic 3 film collection.

i know movies / tv shows are not allowed but unsure about releases.

cheers Joe.

Nothing wrong with adding items if they are in your possession. Labels and distros submit releases ahead of official release dates on discogs all the time.

More unscrupulous sellers even list them in the marketplace prior to the official release dates. Nobody ever seems to have anything to say about it.

At any rate, be sure to add the correct general public release date, even if it's in the future.

Thanks Morgue.

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