I changed my user name some months ago on discogs. I used the same account for all discogs sites: filmogs, vynilhubs... When I did it, it tooks some days on discogs for recognise me that the name before and the actual name are for the same user. But here and the others discogs sites they dont recognise me this change. I don't have in my collections my items or in my submitions credited as contribuitor, it appears the old name user and it's atached to him. How can I have in my new user name my items and contribution that I did in the past?

Thanks in advance.

Hi AaromGustinmondir,
Have you tried logging out of your account here on Filmogs and logging back in? Sometimes the account just needs a kickstart after a name change.

I'm going to do it right now. I just add to my collection the dvd from 'Mar adentro', and appears like if two persons have them, but both are I. I'm going to check what you said.

It's still the same, recognise "eldesvandeaarom" like a different user from "AaromGustinmondir" you can check it for example in Spanish DVD History from the Film REC. This is annoying because I don't know what films, dvds, contributions and so on I add to my profile.

Thanks again.

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