So I realised that although I wrote (now a few years ago) the guide on how to submit release data, I never actually wrote one about adding film data. Although most newcomers seem to get to grips with it quickly, there are still a few teethting issues that could be probably answered by a guide.

I understand that the staff are making moves to include as much guidance "in-line" with the forms and these guidelines are not to be amended by the community (for obvious reasons).

So for that reason I made this guide as a community guide. I'm thinking that the other guide I wrote for release data should also be renamed to include the phrase Community Guide in the title as to distinguish it from the official guide.

Let me know what you think - I've tried to cover as many questions as possible that we have recieved over the years in the last section "A Discussion About".

I think there are still some areas we need to iron out such as:

  • How to handle short film items like trailers, blooper reels, deleted scenes etc
  • OVA's
  • Stand-Up comedy films
  • Sports recordings (I fear these may fill up the Other category rather quickly)

Keep in mind, so far these are the writings of my own - feel free to come along and amend, discuss, improve the guide. I'm not staff, just a fanatic who's been here probably way too long.

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