Hey everyone. We have just released Submission Guidelines, a new feature that we hope will prove useful, helping users with their submissions and improving data quality and consistency.

If you want to see it in action you can open up the submission form. Look at the righthand sidebar. The guidelines should display there and provide contextual information and documentation, based on whichever field in the form is currently active.

You can also view the guidelines in their entirety here.

Unlike the wiki the content of the guidelines is not user editable. But we do want to establish a consensus on what they should say. So happy to discuss the details for those.

As always we appreciate your feedback. Do let us know what you think and if you run into any problems.

This is great. Submission advice in real time.

Good start but needs work.

@sixandnine: Happy to hear that.

@EK_: Let us know if you have more detailed points about things you'd like to see improved.

The information added to the wiki by the community was a huge help in creating these guidelines - a big thanks in particular to sound.and.vision for the detailed guide they created and maintained on adding a release several years ago. You made this a lot easier for us!
Thanks for the feedback we've received so far. Happy to hear your thoughts and hope to implement a lot of it quickly.

looks good but still issues with sensitive content and items not showing any idea on when that will be fixed?

I wonder if one could add a "Watched" option for the release items as well as the films. In the original concept of a film and many different releases, it made sense to have the film be "watched" or "not watched". But with film entries now defining a whole series of television shows or other similar organization in that capacity, it would make more sense to have one "watch" a season "release" of a television series than the whole television series itself.

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