I've added a few stand-up comedy DVDs and their relevant film entries however I am unsure if they could be classed as a Concert Recording or should be filed under Other?


I have placed them under Other for the moment, what does everyone else think?

I think they could go under Concert Recording as they are always live recordings in a "concert" setting.

I think there's any number of ways you could parse a stand up release. Something like Eddie Murphy's "Raw" could be considered a feature film (it was released to theatres in 1987). I see your point that it could be a concert recording.

Me? I'm leaning towards feature film, unless it's an episode of an existing TV series (i.e. Michael Che on "Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents").

i don't think concert is the correct category. where does that leave other performance art, like ballet, cabaret, etc.
As i have stated before i think Performance should be the category. Concert only covers a small part of the spectrum of performance art.

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