Yes i just found who is myguy as well what is it?

Maybe spam i am unsure

This company puzzles me.

At first i thought the user re submitted a credit, but its a company is it real?

I check blue ray covers i can not see that company

Best to ask for more information in the comments of the history section as this thread will most likely be missed by the contributors themselves

EK wrote_:

forgot to delete these two entries...

I'm really digging the strange, esoteric Elsagate vibes of this person's entries. They're a mystery (read: garbage)!

Some of the cast lists were quite interesting - Hairspray Club was my favorite.

I like how it says imvu.

Imvu is a video game haha.

Each image looks photo edited.

Here is another questionable entry:

It looks like a privately-manufactured (homemade) DVDr sold through black market channels. I can't prove any of this, but the artwork looks so bad, it's extremely difficult for me to reach any other conclusion.

I don't suspect the submitter was attempting to break any rules, but I'm not sure either way that their submissions technically qualifies for the database. I've copy/pasted my argument from the comments section below:

"The authenticity of this release seems very dubious to me, just looking at the scans.

Assuming I'm correct (the low-ink/malfunctioning inkjet printer artwork looks like something you'd only ever be able to buy out of someone's trunk, or some extremely shady, disreputable stall/backroom), this should, at the very least, be marked as "Unofficial" somewhere, like the Fromat field. Also, Miramax Home Entertainment would have to link to a new page as "Miramax Home Entertainment (2)", to denote unofficial/counterfeit releases and branding.

I'm not sure that anonymous, privately-created bootlegs of unknown origin/quantity really belong at all, though. Not any more than a CDr someone privately burns and copies all the artwork from at home belongs on Discogs. The big distinction for me between bootlegs which don't belong in the database, and those which do comes down to their availability. I can buy a lot of more-or-less authentic or official-looking bootlegs on the public web and in stores (some retail chains, even). But it's pretty rare to find releases publicly sold online or in stores that look as phony as this, and they seem to originate exclusively from individuals printing and burning copies at home and distributing them through black market channels, with no kind of legitimate (or even "grey market") distribution or public availability."

Going through this user's subs, it appears they have quite a few similarly shody-looking releases submitted.

One thing I will say is that I think they may just be desperately in need of a new scanner: (Those fine green and red streaks even appear on their glossy CD scans).

But the fuzzy/speckled quality/coloration particularly visible in black areas and small images (see the inset pictures on the back of the Princess Mononoke sub) and printer paper creases and seem indicative of cheap, at-home printing. Even the braoder streaks (not talking about the finer green/red ones) look like inkjet printing errors.


These are clearly all junk subs by someone who is possibly a little unstable or these are the work of some kind of AI program.

Also making junk in the wiki (ableit 6 months ago):

Also the websites they are linking to are all phishing sites with troublesome SSL certificates (you can access these website via HTTP)
"Three Ways" looks amazing. I've got to see it!


Devs...entries still available but marked as "Spam"????


I'd totally watch this. I hope I can find a copy of "God Blessed My Heart".

they are back.

it links to wikipedia but when i clicked on the wiki link it said going to unsafe website.

it says the link is unsafe so spam again?

picture looks like a video game person from the sims.

the discogs profile says the user is a voice actor for walt disney umm ok

and some of there discogs subs got removed no wonder they came here.

United States Of America ?
United States

EK wrote_:


Thanks, this contributor has been removed

This time linking there film to the actual hairspray film, For My Heart looks like spam and the links link too websities which link to nothing. has not yet been edited but the CD dvd looks like spam and nowhere on the internet there is anything with this not even Discogs the release looks like spam as well.

all marked sensetive to try and hide them

also 2 credits have been made which are more then likly fake.


dam this is funny, the user is classing the stage plays as productions by Donald Trump.

Thanks for pointing that out, I've banned this user

Hello staff i read above and see that thw wiz club has been removed.

it is back again

Also for above comment. - unsure if this is real - i click link to website nothing i find the correct website on google and its too do with a chat website around gameing.

Hold on a second what is a IMVU fan film?

i find it on discogs, there is a youtube link linking to a IMVU fan film.

Looks like the same user made another account. I've marked as spam now and banned the user.
From what I can see, IMVU is a social media site like Second Life, so I think maybe this user or someone else is recreating these films with avatars.

Ok thank you, for explaning what IMVU is

Is this real?

it has a wikidata link but i can't find it anywhere other then the link provided

oh sorry that one does not have a link i mean this one.

though both are questionable.

just found this one re apper unsure if it got resubmitted.

A collection of short films. Not a film.
The first short is: The Wabbit Who Came To Supper (1942).
It looks like it's ripped from TV.

from Breno Silveira on youtube (

It features eight shorts that were released from 1997 through 2003. The Master Builder Who Came to Dinner was released on VHS on December 24, 2004, by Paramount Home Entertainment and DVD on November 28, 2006, by Paramount Fast Play.

Includes the eight short films:
1. The Master Builder Who Came to Dinner (1997)
2. Super Sleeper (2001)
3. Pros in the Rock (2000)
4. Penguin Con Queso (2002)
5. The Caveman's Formula (1999)
6. Benjamin Meets Dog (1998)
7. The Three Polar Bears (2003)
8. The Land Capers (1999)

Most (or all) of this users submissions seems to be fake/crap/not real.

and above user submits this company unsure if real

UG1002 wrote:

and above user submits this company unsure if real

He seems to like spamming it on other sites:

Search engines come up with it as an entry on brickipedia as well.

UG1002 wrote:

but staff just ignored the list of credits i added a while ago in staff fourm.

I get the impression we are on our own these days...

re: tech and cities, for better or worse sometimes such things are credited in the credit roll.

sixandnine wrote:

I get the impression we are on our own these days...

re: tech and cities, for better or worse sometimes such things are credited in the credit roll.

Most of the credits say special thanks for towns.

the cameras just say camera as role.

alexl wrote:

UG1002 wrote:

more subs from javen

unsure if these credits are real also submitted.

I think he's promoting his own company. looks like self released religious films.

But why would Geffen records release self-released media?

in 2005 they only relesed known bands like Beck, Rob Zombie, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, weezer, asia, nirvana, sonic youth, jimi hendrix, lynrd skynard, blink-182, kim wilde, pappa Roach, snoop dogg, limp bizkit, rise agansit, garbage, neil diamond.

i dont think geffen would release self-media and on discogs i can't find that cd listed here.

javen track record is also not good with most of his items getting removed.

and the geffen link provided goes to nothing.

UG1002 wrote:

and the geffen link provided goes to nothing.

I think it's a copy and paste job. No idea why he added Geffen as the company.

alexl wrote:

UG1002 wrote:

and the geffen link provided goes to nothing.

I think it's a copy and paste job. No idea why he added Geffen as the company.

Because it's fake and Javen has always added random companies and actors/actresses.

for one film he added Donald Trump musical production.

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