Why would this be indexed? Isn't the purpose of FILMOGS to be a database of home video, physical media releases - meaning that the FILM pages serve as a link to all the RELEASES that contain said film? There is no point in adding a FILM page for a movie months away from THEATRICAL release - and no home video releases.

FILMOGS is not IMDb. It is its own thing.

I agree, adding films that aren't yet released doesn't really fit the scope of Filmogs. Obviously we don't want to discourage contributing to the database, but we're really looking for physical film releases rather than upcoming films

Yeah i see alot of them before i saw captain marvel 1 month before in any cinema it was on here.

There is loads of them just search 2019 or something.

Or search by year like discogs

EK wrote_:

from filmogs wiki

Hey, fair enough. That's on me, particularly for Lion King and Capt. Marvel.


Netflix Tv series still being aird whats next?

just got added.

i dont think a dvd or bluray is avalible yet.

Oh, man. That Lion King voice cast... Gross!

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