I have a question about the guidelines: Should they be strictly followed like on Discogs or are they only suggestions? I'm a bit confused since it says 'Guidelines (Best Practices)' and i see a lot of films and releases which don't follow the capitalization rules, which are some of the most basic rules on Discogs.

I follow Discogs capitalization rules here for consistency's sake, and while I don't make the rules, I'm not going to complain if others use correct title capitalization either. Discogs capitalization rules are totally wack...

They sure are wack, but i'm so used to it that correct title capitalization looks wrong to me ;)

I also follow the rules.

I go by correct titles for example

Most wrestling comapnis use all capa only ones i know that don't are

WxW and Gurille Pro Wrestling.

Most the companies use there enicals for home vides exampe WWE Home Video.

Other then that everything i do is by the ruleson here

There are some oddball titles that are intended to be in all lowercase or uppercase letters... or a mix of both. Also use of symbols.

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