Noticing that "O-RING" is being used as a description for Slipcase.

O-RING is a gasket.

The vertical pass-through cardstock item which fits over the keepcase, etc. is called an O-CARD.

Seems like a good excuse to limit options via drop-down menu(s). Who hasn't heard of an O-Card/J-Card?

Really, I am pretty ignorant about a lot of anal-retentive format/packaging terminology, but "o-ring" just sounds like some weird sex shit. I've never heard anyone describe an O-Card as anything but, excluding (maybe) "wraparound".

I'll be the first to raise their hand and admit fault on this one. I TOTALLY should have used "o-card". I have no idea what the hell I was thinking. Maybe about plumbing supplies?

"Wraparound" can be used to describe certain sexual maneuvers.

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