What is the protocol with variations (sometimes called variants in Discogs)?

Do we list them within releases? If so - how?

Define variants.

They are small variations - that on Discogs at least do not warrant a separate submission, but rather they are listed as variations (or variants) followed by a number.

the following is an extract from Discogs guidelines:

One edition of a release may have many different matrix numbers on individual copies - especially for major label releases. These are considered manufacturing variations for the purposes of cataloguing on Discogs, and not unique releases, so one Discogs 'release' may contain multiple variations in matrix numbers etc. For smaller releases, or in special cases, the matrix variation may indicate a unique release / edition, so please ask in the Database Forum Topic if in doubt.

The same is true of Mastering and Mould SID codes. On Discogs they usually wouldn't warrant a separate submission - unless they can be proven to identify a separate pressing / glass mastering / manufacturing plant.

Big moment for me today - my first DVD matrix variation. I am wondering how to handle it.

I agree if the variation is only concerned with production facilities.

Something to keep in mind - certain releases/titles may have identical id codes (UPC/SKU/ISBN) and packaging, but discs may have minor content changes (often the pre-menu trailers). I would consider those unique releases.

NOTE: Above is difficult to determine since most users don't completely index disc contents.

Thanks for your response EK_.

And yes, identical ID codes, but different content certainly warrants unique submissions.

I am still not totally sure how we should handle matrix variations, so I have tried on this release were I own both (so I'm sure they're identical in content):
True Romance
Would this be the way to do it?

In principle this looks fine, but the matrices are so different - it may suggest different pressings by SDC DanDiscs at least. This page might help narrow down release years

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