I think it's quite a hassle to add the same note every time: "Run time is approximate." Almost no releases list anything but an approximate run time (but--I consider this important to my proposition--some do). I consider this relevant info, so I always mention this in the notes. I think I could count on one hand the number of releases I've added which didn't specify "approximate" run times, so I think it'd be a very convenient feature to have a checkbox in the Run Time field to list the given Run Time as "Approx." or "Approximately" X mins.

Yes? No? Am I being too particular?

Clarification: Some release do specify a run time, without the word "approximately".

If the word “approximately” is on Package, I add it in the field as well.

Here is what I do
RUN TIME field - time listed on box/packaging (without using approximate)

ACTUAL RUN TIME - listed in CHAPTERS field (H:MM:SS)


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