I'm not being an idiot here, https://www.filmo.gs/film/39309-csi-crime-scene-investigation

Shouldn't the title be first and then the language in parentheses "()"?

e.g. Les Experts: Crime Scene Investigation (French)

Appears that the form has it the wrong way round for example if you open this:

The titles appear under language and vice versa

Thanks for the heads up sound.and.vision. We are aware of this bug, hope to have a fix out soon.

Hmm I thought it was titles that had been entered in wrong fields. I have been correcting this for some weeks now for every film I enter data for...

This should be fixed now. We also bulk edited the entries where the fields were mixed up (around 500). But some might have slipped us by, so maybe keep an eye out.

Apologies for the inconvenience, let us know if you see any further weirdness.

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