Why is the format DVDr not in the drop down menu?
It seems it used to be.
For the time being I am adding it as a side remark.

That is unusual. Maybe it was avoided to stop people from submitting bootlegs.

Bootlegs are always a grey area - even on Discogs, as they cannot be sold and anyone could effectively make a bootleg.

However DVDr's are sometimes used for genuine purposes for things such as promotional or very limited run releases.

I agree that the format should be added, however we must stay vigilant on what releases appear under the heading.

Yes, but do we document everything, illegal versions too, like on Discogs?
I have both legitimate DVDr (ex as you said for promo use; sometimes not of movies but short promo documentaries produced by companies or organizations), and also unofficial DVDr copies of regular movies (usually released in countries where offiical DVDs are not for sale ex: in Tajikistan, at least when I lived there until 2005).
So do we document these?
They can be blocked from sale, as on Discogs, but I think we should document them.
There are also unofficial DVDs by the way (not DVDrs) and I have added some.
We really need an unofficial tag.

Hmm I think with the bootlegs that you have to really take it on a case-by-case basis, providing adequate notes to explain how the bootleg came to exist.

I have only ever come across one possibly bootleg video:

I think we should follow the Discogs rules... scrutinize "suspicious" illegal copies (maybe those on DVDr, example: https://www.filmo.gs/release/269505-oni-pozhenilis-i-zhili-dolgo-i-schastlivo which was found in Tajikistan), but accept automatically those on "pressed" DVDs (example : https://www.filmo.gs/release/274837-you-only-live-twice , found in Indonesia) otherwise, the databse will be missing a large fringe of releases.
Example of official DVDr release: https://www.filmo.gs/release/274053-le-hui-bei-jing-surviving-beijing (movie released on a small Malaysian indie label by the director and actors of the movie themselves. Most likely print run was not high enough to press a real DVD).
Database and marketplace should be treated separately too. Like on Discogs. Document is one thing, sell is another, different one.

I have numerous legitimate DVDrs too. Many given as promos by filmmakers themselves. Films without distribution, but copies paid for by those involved.

I'd like a DVDr drop down for the purpose of entering these, if possible.

WARNER ARCHIVES uses DVD+R discs for their limited run stuff. HOWEVER, sometimes if you pre-order a title direct from Warner, it will be on a regular DVD. Weird. AMAZON does MOD, too.

Side Note: DVD-R not DVDr

Also, check to see what type of media the recordable disc is; I've come across DVD-R and DVD+R for legit RELEASES.

I think we should follow the Discogs rules... scrutinize "suspicious" illegal copies

Good idea, but without CIP, nothing can be done to stop users from adding bogus (or GARBAGE) RELEASES.

On discogs we use DVDr, why not follow the same denomination?

Thanks for starting the conversation on DVDr here, tam89rds. Not sure why that disappeared from the dropdown but we'll get it added back there today

Thanks a lot, Falsepriest. Let us know when it is done.
We need also VCDr. I have for example VCDr's made in North Korea with North Korean animation.

On discogs we use DVDr, why not follow the same denomination?


Don't get me started on the correct usage of "barcode"...

DVD-R and DVD+R have been added to the list. Apologies for the delay

Good news kalli, thanks.

Thanks, subs fixed.
What about CDr for VCDs issued on CDr?

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