Why are there two entries?
Well, I know, because one is a credit and one a company. So, why is there no company option on the Film pages? Or, why can't a company be credited?

Sorry if this was discussed before, but the forum search function didn't gave me any result (sarcasm).


Yes there is even a film thetare as a credit and heaps of russian / english companies as credits.

That's a good question; I think the original intention was to differentiate between companies involved in the manufacture/production of a physical release vs. film production/film making process.
Having some separation between the two is convenient, but I can see how it's confusing, and kind of annoying having two names for essentially the same thing.
Do you think a Companies field should be added to the Film submission form?

Like a seprate filed?

which would be under credits, i think it would be good but not required to add companies as it will get messy.

unless we are talking about films linking tomcompanies and not credits?

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