Example 1: http://www.filmo.gs/film/210-Charade You'll see that all characters that Cary Grant played are on one line. Example 2: http://www.filmo.gs/film/211-Steamboat-Willie You'll see that both characters played by Walt Disney are on separate lines. As a group, what do we prefer? I think the separate line is better for future sorting in the database, but would like to see your opinions too.

I think it is ok to have the 'as' data in the one field, like you have done at http://www.filmo.gs/film/210-Charade . I think the display is neater, and unless we propose to link up the character names to a character page, it isn't necessary to separate them out.

Yes, I used that method in the Charade example as the character's played were not linked and it seemed more sensible than adding a fresh line for each character. In this particular case, it's one character with half a dozen aliases - just in case we wanted to further complicate things ;)

since its early days and you are taking on board suggestions, I propose that character linking could be an option. So not mandatory for most films but when you have a character in many films played by many different actors the data could be collected on one page. useful examples would be shakespeare, james bond, doctor who

Yep, and all the Charlie Brown's I documented earlier. I had no idea there were so many.

I'd prefer not to add that feature. When people start adding full cast lists, it will get out of control and I can;t see a genuine need for it linked to the film itself. It seems like an extra-curricular activity linked vaguely to this enterprise and not a matter for or of this enterprise itself.

I do see how it can get out of control. In film, there are many characters who are only on a first name basis and we would start running into the suffix problem at Discogs, John (127), Chris (84), etc.

I don't see that a good reason not to link characters, and I think that it would be really cool. Especially if those character pages then could also be linked to Discogs. ;)

the possible confusion mentioned here is why i suggested not making it mandatory, something similar to discogs "written by vs written-by'. it only need be used for popular characters.

when discogs started there was no genuine need for company fields and most credit roles that we now use but over time they are features that we now see as necessary for that kind of database. A film database isnt just about the physical items its about all the data related to the films also.

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