Hey guys, great initiative. This is a well needed site. However I honestly think videogs would be a much more suitable name. Firstly, it has an 'o' in it so it flows onto 'ogs' better. Secondly, its more generic which leaves room for more motion picture media to be added whether it be movies, short film, tv shows, music videos, home videos, documentaries, specials etc. Thirdly discogs is not called musicogs, its discogs from discogaphy which includes anything music/performance related. A videography is the same whilst a filmography only refers to films (feature-length) in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts?

I disagree. Discogs indicates discs which leaves out tapes and other media. Any term can be limiting if you try hard enough.

I like the name Filmogs.

can't say I am a fan of either term, but would choose filmogs out of these two options

Just a suggestion, however I disagree with ambassador. Discogs is obviously a spin on the word discography which can apply to vinyl, disc or tape. The term discography existed before CDs where invented and discogs as a website started out as a database only for electronic music on vinyl did it not?

The "disc" term goes way pack before WWII.

I just like the sound and look of "Filmogs".

I do prefer Filmogs over Videogs as well. It just sounds better.

I must admit Filmogs has grown on me. No worries.

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