{u'credits': [{u'name': u'Nathan Fillion', u'role': u'Actor'},
{u'name': u'Alan Tudyk', u'role': u'Actor'},
{u'name': u'Adam Baldwin', u'role': u'Actor'},
{u'name': u'Summer Glau', u'role': u'Actor'},
{u'name': u'Chiwetel Ejiofor', u'role': u'Actor'},
{u'name': u'David Newman', u'role': u'Music By'},
{u'name': u'Ruth Carter', u'role': u'Costume Designer'},
{u'name': u'Lisa Lassek', u'role': u'Editor'},
{u'name': u'Barry Chussid', u'role': u'Production Designer'},
{u'name': u'Jack Green ASC', u'role': u'Director of Photography'},
{u'name': u'Christopher Buchanan', u'role': u'Executive Producer'},
{u'name': u'David Lester', u'role': u'Executive Producer'},
{u'name': u'Alisa Tager', u'role': u'Executive Producer'},
{u'name': u'Barry Mendel', u'role': u'Producer'},
{u'name': u'Joss Whedon', u'role': u'Written By'},
{u'name': u'Joss Whedon', u'role': u'Director'}],
u'external_references': [{u'id': u'http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/16320-serenity',
u'reference': u'themoviedb.org'},
{u'id': u'http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0379786/',
u'reference': u'imdb.com'}],
u'genres': [u'Action', u'Adventure', u'Science Fiction'],
u'premiere': u'2005',
u'title': u'Serenity'}

Those need to be double quotes instead of single quotes.

This is "raw mode". We'll have a form soon.

Fixed the double-quotes - still getting the same errors:

{u"credits": [{u"name": u"Nathan Fillion", u"role": u"Actor"},
{u"name": u"Alan Tudyk", u"role": u"Actor"},
{u"name": u"Adam Baldwin", u"role": u"Actor"},
{u"name": u"Summer Glau", u"role": u"Actor"},
{u"name": u"Chiwetel Ejiofor", u"role": u"Actor"},
{u"name": u"David Newman", u"role": u"Music By"},
{u"name": u"Ruth Carter", u"role": u"Costume Designer"},
{u"name": u"Lisa Lassek", u"role": u"Editor"},
{u"name": u"Barry Chussid", u"role": u"Production Designer"},
{u"name": u"Jack Green ASC", u"role": u"Director of Photography"},
{u"name": u"Christopher Buchanan", u"role": u"Executive Producer"},
{u"name": u"David Lester", u"role": u"Executive Producer"},
{u"name": u"Alisa Tager", u"role": u"Executive Producer"},
{u"name": u"Barry Mendel", u"role": u"Producer"},
{u"name": u"Joss Whedon", u"role": u"Written By"},
{u"name": u"Joss Whedon", u"role": u"Director"}],
u"external_references": [{u"id": u"http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/16320-serenity",u"reference": u"themoviedb.org"},
{u"id": u"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0379786/", u"reference": u"imdb.com"}],
u"genres": [u"Action", u"Adventure", u"Science Fiction"],
u"premiere": u"2005",
u"title": u"Serenity"}

Hmmm, I just copied your code into the submission form and could not find it either. Odd.

This works for me -> {"credits": [{"name": "Nathan Fillion", "role": "Actor"}, {"name": "Alan Tudyk", "role": "Actor"}, {"name": "Adam Baldwin", "role": "Actor"}, {"name": "Summer Gla", "role": "Actor"}, {"name": "Chiwetel Ejiofor", "role": "Actor"}, {"name": "David Newman", "role": "Music By"}, {"name": "Ruth Carter", "role": "Costume Designer"}, {"name": "Lisa Lassek", "role": "Editor"}, {"name": "Barry Chussid", "role": "Production Designer"}, {"name": "Jack Green ASC", "role": "Director of Photography"}, {"name": "Christopher Buchanan", "role": "Executive Producer"}, {"name": "David Lester", "role": "Executive Producer"}, {"name": "Alisa Tager", "role": "Executive Producer"}, {"name": "Barry Mendel", "role": "Producer"}, {"name": "Joss Whedon", "role": "Written By"}, {"name": "Joss Whedon", "role": "Director"}], "external_references": [{"id": "http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/16320-serenity","reference": "themoviedb.org"}, {"id": "http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0379786/", "reference": "imdb.com"}], "genres": ["Action", "Adventure", "Science Fiction"], "premiere": "2005", "title": "Serenity"} ..... the "u" shouldn't be there as part of the JSON code, it shows when you view the source http://www.filmo.gs/film/31-1a-test-film/source because that is the way the system stores it.

Awesome - that was it, thanks nik! :)

Clearly shows what a top-level programmer i am ;p

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