Tried to add a Documentary with a Sub Genre of History. Received an error because it is not one of the coded genres. It is the only DVD on my desk when I got this invite so I can't go any further..

Thanks for the invite. (Still crosing my fingers for the book database)

You can add it without genres for now I think.

Hi! I added "Documentary" in to the schema, so it should save now. The genres are incomplete, as I didn't just want to copy / paste from another source, but for everyone here to decide what the genres should be. And even if there should be genres / sub-genres. You can see what we currently have at .

Just let me know and I can add other genres. It shouldn't take long to get a full set. For reference, and . We can probably get this done fairly quickly. If you get blocked because the genre isn't in the database at the moment, just put it in as a tag.

I am not a fan of genres being mandatory. I think that just like musical genres/styles, they are subjective to the viewer. I would love to see a "tag cloud" someday.

The only required field at this time for Film data is the title. Everything else is optional. However, for other fields, there are error checks that require a field to match a certain requirement. For Genres, this requirement is the entry matches one of the Genres at . Sub-genres are not checked and so can be entered at will, although we should catalog them in that wiki page.

The combination of Genres, Sub-Genres, and Tags can be sen as something of a 'tag cloud' when combined together. Genres should be the most strictly adhered to, Sub-genres less so, and Tags can be any words that apply to the film.


I agree that a tag cloud would be of most use.

In film as opposed to music they are often less subjective. That said Taxi Driver and Paris, Texas are my favourite "Westerns" ;)

do we really need genre and sub-genre? imo western is not a sub-genre of action at all.

i'd like to add the western is not a sub-genre of anything, it's a genre in itself.
with the division into genre and sub-genre is see the danger of historical inaccurateness as we have in the music database where for example rhythm&blues becomes a sub-genre of soul/funk although it was there 2 decades earlier.

Western is most certainly not a sub genre of Action. It's a Genre of its own.
Yes, genre is very important and not as subjective if used as intended in broad strokes descriing the film where in music it;s used to pigeon hole artists and when they shift styles it wrecks the idea. We don;t pigeon hole directo's by genre generally we may associate them to a specific genre such as Leone and the Spag Westerns but we tend to consider the films. Genres have pretty well defined boundaries and themes in Cinema. Taxi Driver for example meets nearly all the conventions of the Western; The drifter not settled can't find his place in society, sees himself as the reluctant hero, the meaning of being American, the inevitable showdown at the end - very mush reminiscent of a reinvented version of Shane.

Genre is critical in classifying and sorting film.

i agree with what you say about "taxi driver" but would that justify to add the western genre tag in your opinion? there are other modern western paraphrases like "bad day at black rock" but i would hesitate to dub them westerns in a fim database.

Yes. Absolutely.

I was kinda surprised when researching what genre 'Star Wars' is, mostly by the controversy of whether or not it is 'Sci-Fi'.

I feel this conversation just goes to show how a tag cloud would be of benefit and genre/subgenre would probably just v=create more arguments like on discogs. I think tag clouds work great on

@nik, yep Star Wars is another Western set in space. In that case several genres cover the film. The genesis of star wars goes back to Henry Ford's westerns, who in turn influenced Kurosawa and then we have Star Wars which was modelled after 'The Hidden Fortress' which sees the story between good and evil through the eyes of observing peasants caught up in the action. Lucas replaced the peasants with two droids. Lucas has spoken at length about the film which he sees as a sort of mashup of genres. The films may include space and aliens etc, but the idea of science fiction is sort of leap frogged by including no science. It;s more of a fantasy adventure western. The setting can be important but what drives genre really are themes and the narratives.
Kurosawa was the man. Seven Samurai was boss. Also not Kurosawa but badass was 'The Sword Of Doom'.

a tag cloud would be of benefit and genre/subgenre would probably just v=create more arguments like on discogs. I think tag clouds work great on


So at the moment, we have genres, sub genres, and tags. I feel that we should be able to use the genres fairly easily at least. And I think the tags should open up a lot of possibilities. At some point in the future, tag clouds could be a possibility, and these could be seeded from the genres, sub-genres, and tags

IMO for genres we should use the release(s) as the primary source and imdb as the secondary...

Are some releases tagged with their genre? I haven't seen that.

Yes, some are. For instance, I'm in the middle of submitting the Finding Forrester VHS right now and in their own promotional writeup on the back cover, it starts out by saying "Academy Award-winner Sean Connery stars in this powerful and unforgettable drama..."

It was more prevalent on VHS, but you will also sometimes see 'Drama', 'Comedy', 'Action', etc on the spine of the release as well...

Ah right. That is fine then, good source :-)

Again, I'd avoid copypasting stuff from IMDb. If you are not sure of the genre, some research can be done from other places as well, for example, Wikipedia.

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