I tried to add the following "as" role for Alec Guinnes in the Star Wars Film.

"Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi"

But, it wouldn't take the quotes around Ben in the middle. I also tried to add a second "as" role for Alec but it won't allow that.

Ok, for putting Ben in double quotes, put a backslash before the double quote. ie: "Obi-Wan \"Ben\" Kenobi"

For the second "as" role, I know the reason and we can allow it. I want nik to chime in though.

And just so you know, this will all get a lot easier once the form is up and running. This is just the plumbing :)

Not worried about "easier". This is day 1, we're rooting for you guys! Fixed the character BTW.

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