Yup, you just copy the "internal id" of the film (for example, internal id 527168fc9346b10008053842) and add that into the linked docs field... "linked_docs": { "Film": [ "527168fc9346b10008053842" ] }

I just added the Laserdisc for Braveheart and had trouble because the Film wasn't in the database and my Laserdisc draft wanted something in the Film field, so I quickly subbed the Braveheart Film.

It would have been nicer to remove the linked docs part from the Laserdisc sub but I kept running into errors

What's really cool is seeing two releases linked to one film. http://www.filmo.gs/film/14-Star-Wars

And releases that contain more than one film :) http://www.filmo.gs/release/15-Star-Wars-Trilogy

Oh, nice.

And an actor tied to 4 releases. http://www.filmo.gs/list-credit/Harrison%20Ford

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