Весенние Мелодии


Main Details
Premiere Date 1946-05
Alternative Titles
  • Գարնանային մեղեդիներ (Armenian)
  • Wiosenne Melodie (Polish)
Category Short Film
Production Company Союзмультфильм
Director Дмитрий Бабиченко
Screenwriter Дмитрий Бабиченко
Cinematographer Михаил Друян
Composer Пётр Чайковский as по музыкальным произведениям
Production Designer Константин Зотов
Notes A cartoon about the awakening of nature, illustrated by the musical works of P. I. Tchaikovsky. Winter is in no hurry to give spring its rights. However, nature comes to life and spring comes. Birds, animals, and insects awaken and rejoice in the warm sun. And now, to the music of the great Russian composer, everything comes to life and dances ...


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