Main Details
Premiere Date 1932
Category Feature Film
Directed By Tod Browning
Screenplay By Willis Goldbeck
Screenplay By Leon Gordon
Cinematography Merritt B. Gerstad
Produced By Tod Browning
Cast Wallace Ford as Phroso
Cast Leila Hyams as Venus
Cast Olga Baclanova as Cleopatra
Cast Rosco Ates as Roscoe
Cast Henry Victor as Hercules
Cast Harry Earles as Hans
Cast Daisy Earles as Frieda
Cast Rose Dione as Madame Tetrallini
Cast Daisy Hilton as The Siamese Twins
Cast Violet Hilton as The Siamese Twins
Cast Schlitzie as Himself
Cast Josephine Joseph as Half Woman-Half Man
Cast Johnny Eck as Half Boy
Cast Frances O'Connor (2) as Armless Girl
Cast Peter Robinson as Human Skeleton
Cast Olga Roderick as Bearded Lady
Cast Koo Koo as Herself
Cast Prince Randian as The Living Torso
Cast Martha Morris as Angeleno's Armless Wife
Cast Elvira Snow as Pinhead Pip
Cast Jenny Lee Snow as Pinhead Zip
Cast Elizabeth Green as Bird Girl
Cast Delmo Fritz as Sword Swallower
Cast Angelo Rossitto as Angeleno
Cast Edward Brophy as The Rollo Brothers
Cast Matt McHugh as The Rollo Brothers
Notes Based on Spurs 1923 short story by Tod Robbins.


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