Dawn Of The Dead


Main Details
Premiere Date 1978-09-01
Alternative Titles
  • Muertos vivos: La batalla final (Argentina)
  • El amanecer de los muertos (Argentina)
  • Zombies (Belgium (Flemish title) (poster title))
  • Despertar dos Mortos (Brazil)
  • Зората на мъртвите (Bulgaria (Bulgarian title))
  • L'aube des morts (Canada (French title))
  • Zora zivih mrtvaca (Croatia (video title))
  • Zora živih mrtvaca (Croatia)
  • Úsvit mrtvých (Czech Republic)
  • Zombie - Rædslernes morgen (Denmark)
  • Zombie - Le crépuscule des morts-vivants (France)
  • Zombie 1 (Germany (DVD box title))
  • Zombie - Das Original (Germany (video box title))
  • Zombie (Germany)
  • Zombi, to xypnima ton nekron (Greece (transliterated title))
  • Ζόμπι, το ξύπνημα των νεκρών (Greece)
  • Huo Siren Liming (Hong Kong (Cantonese title) (dubbed version))
  • Holtak hajnala (Hungary)
  • L'alba dei morti (Italy (literal title))
  • Zombi (Italy)
  • Zonbi (Japan)
  • ゾンビ (Japan (Japanese title))
  • Numireliu ausra (Lithuania)
  • El amanecer de los muertos vivientes (Mexico)
  • In de greep van de zombies (Netherlands (video box title))
  • The Zombies (Philippines (English title))
  • Świt żywych trupów (Poland)
  • Zombie: A Maldição dos Mortos-Vivos (Portugal)
  • Зора живих мртваца (Serbia)
  • Рассвет мертвецов (Soviet Union (Russian title))
  • Zombi: El regreso de los muertos vivientes (Spain)
  • Zombie, el crepúsculo de los muertos vivientes (Spain (video title))
  • Zombi - Dawn of the Dead (Spain (DVD menu title))
  • Zombi. El regreso de los muertos vivientes (Spain (DVD title))
  • Zombi. El amanecer de los muertos vivientes (Spain (DVD title))
  • Zombie: El crepúsculo de los muertos vivientes (Spain (poster title))
  • 生人勿近 (Taiwan)
  • Zombi (Turkey (Turkish title))
  • Світанок мерців (Ukraine)
  • Zombies: Dawn of the Dead (UK (video box title))
  • George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead (UK (closing credits title))
  • George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead (USA (complete title))
  • Zombies (USA (working title))
  • Muertos vivos: La batalla final (Uruguay (video title))
  • El amanecer de los muertos (Uruguay (original subtitled version))
  • Zombies im Kaufhaus (West Germany (video box title))
  • Zombie (West Germany)
  • Zombie - Dawn of the Dead (West Germany)
  • Zombie: Dawn of the Dead (World-wide (English title) (alternative title))
  • Zombie: Dawn of the Dead
  • Zombies
Category Feature Film
Director George A. Romero
Writer George A. Romero
Cast David Emge as Stephen
Cast Ken Foree as Peter
Cast Scott H. Reiniger as Roger
Cast Gaylen Ross as Francine
Cast David Crawford as Dr. Foster
Cast David Early as Mr. Berman
Cast Richard France as Scientist
Cast Howard Smith (4) as TV Commentator
Cast Daniel Dietrich as Givens
Cast Fred Baker as Commander
Cast Jim Baffico* as Wooley
Cast Rod Stouffer as Young Officer On Roof
Cast Jese Del Gre as Old Priest
Cast Clayton McKinnon as Officer In Project Apt.
Cast John Rice as Officer In Project Apt.
Cast Ted Bank as Officer At Police Dock
Cast Randy Kovitz as Officer At Police Dock
Cast Patrick McCloskey as Officer At Police Dock
Cast Joe Pilato* as Officer At Police Dock
Cast Pasquale Buba as Motorcycle Raider
Cast Tony Buba as Motorcycle Raider
Cast 'Butchie'* as Motorcycle Raider
Cast Dave Hawkins as Motorcycle Raider
Cast Tom Kapusta as Motorcycle Raider
Cast Rudy Ricci as Motorcycle Raider
Cast Tom Savini as Motorcycle Raider
Cast Marty Schiff as Motorcycle Raider
Cast Joe Shelby as Motorcycle Raider
Cast Taso Stavrakos* as Motorcycle Raider
Cast Nick Tallo as Motorcycle Raider
Cast Larry Vaira as Motorcycle Raider
Cast Sharon Ceccatti* as Lead Zombie
Cast Pam Chatfield as Lead Zombie
Cast Mike Christopher as Hare Krishna Zombie
Cast Clayton Hill as Lead Zombie
Cast Jay Stover as Lead Zombie
Cast Joe Abeln as Redneck Rifleman That Misses (uncredited)
Cast John Amplas as 2nd Guy On Roof (uncredited)
Cast Bob Aquaviva as Military Jacket Zombie On Mall Rooftop (uncredited)
Cast Liz Augenstein as On Air Girl At WGON-TV (uncredited)
Cast Joey Baffico as Zombie Who Sticks Fingernails Into Roger's Wounded Leg (uncredited)
Cast Jim Balawajder as Dead Yellow Shirt Zombie Lying Down On Escalator (uncredited)
Cast Donnie Ballein as Bearded Glasses Biker Riding Blue Harley-Davidson Shovelhead Custom Trike (uncredited)
Cast Kathie Ballein as Blonde Biker Chick riding Blue Harley-Davidson Shovelhead Custom Trike (uncredited)
Cast Renee Banks as Wild Haired Plaid Shirted Apartment Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Ben Barenholtz as Cowboy Hat Zombie Hit by Sledge (uncredited)
Cast Dave Bartholomew as Long Haired Denim Shirted Zombie In Bikers' Battle (uncredited)
Cast Daisy Beatty as Shorthaired Female Redneck Holding Sleeve Of Cups (uncredited)
Cast Debbie Beatty as Donna - Beautiful Young Smiley Faced Blonde Lady Redneck (uncredited)
Cast Edgar Beatty as Redneck Wearing Red Coat (uncredited)
Cast Susan Beatty as Beautiful Young Blonde Lady Redneck Wearing Blue Jacket (uncredited)
Cast Susie Beatty as Blonde Lady Redneck Wearing Blue Coat And Glasses (uncredited)
Cast Greg Besnak as Brown Haired Fu Manchu Mustachioed Zombie Hit By Sledge (uncredited)
Cast Rik Billock as 3-Piece Gray Suited Zombie Shot by Roger In J.C. Penney (uncredited)
Cast David Brant as Long Black Coat Zombie Fighting Blades On Balcony (uncredited)
Cast Dick Brem as Short Mustachioed Yellow Collar-Shirted Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Roy Brown as Red Bearded Black Suit Coat Parking Lot Zombie Shot By Roger (uncredited)
Cast David W. Butler as 2nd Biker In Elevator (uncredited)
Cast Adolph Caesar as Narrator Of Theatrical Trailer (voice) (uncredited)
Cast Mary Lee Casey as Featured Light Blue Bathrobe Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Zilla Clinton as Blonde Biker Chick Riding Motorcycle (uncredited)
Cast Mark Cooper (2) as 19 Year Old Blonde Long-Haired Zombie Shot In Bikers' Battle (uncredited)
Cast John Cosgrove as Tall Bearded Zombie Clawing At Mall Door (uncredited)
Cast Susan Cosgrove as Crosshairs Zombie #3 (uncredited)
Cast Josephine Cuccaro as Curly Haired Lavender Turtleneck Sweatered WGON-TV Member (uncredited)
Cast Lee Cummings as Bathing Suit Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Bobby Dauk as Biker (uncredited)
Cast Diane Donati as White Nightgown Zombie Decapitated By Blades (uncredited)
Cast Tom Dubensky as Young WGON-TV Man Wearing Plaid Shirt (uncredited)
Cast Jim Edmondson as Jim - WGON-TV Cameraman (uncredited)
Cast Charlie Edwards as Dark Haired Zombie Wearing White Collared Green Sweater And Glasses (uncredited)
Cast Dan 'Ratso' Ferraton as Bearded Sportster Biker Wearing Black Leather Jacket And Yellow Shirt (uncredited)
Cast Chet Flippo as Cowboy Zombie (uncredited)
Cast J. Clifford Forrest Jr. as Featured Elderly Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Christine Forrest as TV Producer / Elf Biker Chick / Monroeville Mall Announcer (uncredited)
Cast Cliff Forrest as Tony, Man at WGON - TV ('You All Right?') (uncredited)
Cast Ingeborg Forrest as Mall Zombie Wearing Blue Nightgown (uncredited)
Cast Walt Forrest as Firefighter Wearing White Helmet (uncredited)
Cast Nancy Friedman as Bandana Girl Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Roy Frumkes as 1st Pie-In-Face Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Ron Gibson as Landlord Zombie In Tenement Cellar (uncredited)
Cast Chuck Gordon as Mustachioed Plaid Shirted Zombie Grabbing At Peter's Legs (uncredited)
Cast Debra Gordon as Red Turtleneck Sweater Zombie Grabbing At Peter's Legs (uncredited)
Cast Michael Gornick as News Reporter On Radio (voice) (uncredited)
Cast Trudy Gray as Red Bandana Biker Chick (Jack's Girlfriend) (uncredited)
Cast Barry Gress as Parking Lot Zombie Knocking Sign Over (uncredited)
Cast Chris Griffith as Blue Plaid Shirt Zombie Shot By Chickie (uncredited)
Cast Lori Griffith as Shorthaired Female Blue Sweater Zombie Shot By Chickie (uncredited)
Cast George Haeck as Biker Riding In White Sidecar (uncredited)
Cast John Harrison as Screwdriver Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Gary Hartman as Blonde Biker Wearing Olive Green Jacket And Black Helmet (uncredited)
Cast Jon Hayden as Featured Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Karen Hildebrand as Bathrobe Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Chuck Hoffman as Bearded Zombie Outside Gun Store (uncredited)
Cast Michael James as Bald Red Sweater Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Jeannie Jefferies as Blonde Zombie Who Attacks Roger In Truck (uncredited)
Cast C. Courtney Joyner as Zombie Wearing Eyeglasses (uncredited)
Cast Evan Karelitz as Firefighter Wearing Black Helmet And Glasses (uncredited)
Cast Harold Katofsky as Dark Mustachioed Firefighter Wearing Red Helmet (uncredited)
Cast Susan Kilmartin as Yellow-Green Striped Shirt Zombie (uncredited)
Cast John Kiss as 4th Pie-In-Face Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Vic Kleman as Charlie Parker - WGON-TV Typist (uncredited)
Cast Patti Kohl as Blonde Green Sweatered Zombie Hit By Sledge / Blonde Balcony Zombie Grabbed By Blades (uncredited)
Cast Katherine Kolbert as Brunette Biker Chick Throwing Pies And Cakes (uncredited)
Cast Walt Kravo as Bearded Zombie Who Bites Moonbaby's Neck (uncredited)
Cast Jim Krut as Helicopter Zombie (uncredited)
Cast 'Wild Bill' Laczko as Head Bandage Redneck (uncredited)
Cast Tommy Lafitte as Miguel, The Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Ralph Langer as Green Collared-Shirted Zombie In Ice Skating Rink (uncredited)
Cast Robert Langer as Mustachioed Plaid-Shirted Zombie Eating Bikers' Flesh (uncredited)
Cast Maxine Lapiduss as Redhead Zombie Outside J.C. Penny (uncredited)
Cast Ellen Lauren as Mall Rooftop Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Conchita Lazarus as Nun Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Ed Letteri as Long-Haired Man By Door At WGON-TV (uncredited)
Cast Leonard Lies as Machete Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Michael Lies as WGON-TV Bearded Man Wearing Green Dress Shirt (uncredited)
Cast Barbara Lifsher as Mary 'Chickie' / Blonde Biker Chick Driving Van (uncredited)
Cast Tommy 'Slick' Lytle as Biker Riding With Brown Headband Biker Chick (uncredited)
Cast Paul Macaluso as Afro Haired Puerto Rican Gang Member On Roof (uncredited)
Cast Frank Maimone as Biker (uncredited)
Cast Mike Marchich as Biker Wearing Leather Cowboy Hat (uncredited)
Cast Teddy Marchich as Biker Handing Out Weapons (uncredited)
Cast Gary Marlatt as Red Leather Jacket Parking Lot Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Hap Martin as Blonde Biker Riding Red Harley-Davidson Servi-Car Motorcycle (uncredited)
Cast Nicholas Mastandrea as Mall Zombie Outside Gun Store (uncredited)
Cast Molly McCloskey as Lovely Woman At WGON - TV ('My Turn For The Coat.') (uncredited)
Cast Doug Mertz as Preppie Zombie - 2nd Pie-In Face (uncredited)
Cast Robert V. Michelucci as Bearded Scope Zombie / Zombie Who Attacks Mousey (uncredited)
Cast Bob Miller (2) as Funeral Zombie Wearing Three-Piece Suit (uncredited)
Cast Ken Nagin as Pendant Headband Biker With Axe (uncredited)
Cast The Pagans Motorcycle Club as Various Bikers (uncredited)
Cast Jack Pappalardo as Lead Zombie - Bach's Arco Pitcairn Pitcher (uncredited)
Cast Tom Passavant as Teepee Zombie Hit By Sledge (uncredited)
Cast Jeff Paul as Biker Who Shoots Flyboy (uncredited)
Cast John Paul (2) as Bald Zombie - Airport Chart House (uncredited)
Cast Gary Peabody as Blue Plaid Shirted Apartment Zombie With Foot Stump (uncredited)
Cast Edward Perchaluk as Unknown Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Charlie Peters as Bearded White Collared Shirted WGON-TV Crew Member / WGON-TV Crew Member Who Gives Foster Bunny Ears (uncredited)
Cast Donald Pollock as Zombie In Parking Lot (uncredited)
Cast Rick Quinn as Black Haired White Plaid Shirt Zombie Pounding On J.C. Penney Door (uncredited)
Cast Sukey Raphael as Red Nightgown Zombie - 3rd Pie-In Face (uncredited)
Cast Doris Rees as Large Orange Caftan Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Evelyn Reynolds as Unknown Zombie (uncredited)
Cast E. Butler Richards as Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Russell L. Richards as Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Rosemary Rixey as 17 Year Old Brunette Pale Blue Dress Shirt Zombie Clawing At Mall Door (uncredited)
Cast Cindy Roman as Blue Bandana Biker Chick Riding With White Headband Biker (uncredited)
Cast Lenny Roman as White Headband Biker Riding Harley Motorcycle (uncredited)
Cast George A. Romero as TV Director / Nick - Biker In Santa Claus Suit (uncredited)
Cast Donald Rubinstein as Roger's Zombie Attacker In Parking Lot (uncredited)
Cast Kerry Sampson as Timmy - Biker Holding TV Set (uncredited)
Cast Robert 'Banjo' Saunders as Parking Lot Zombie Who Bites Roger (uncredited)
Cast Donna Savini as Zombie Girl In Airport Chart House (uncredited)
Cast Mike Savini as Zombie Boy In Airport Chart House (uncredited)
Cast Frank A. Serrao as Fat Grey-Suited Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Gina Sestak as Longhaired Glasses Zombie Entering Our Heroes' Mall Hideout (uncredited)
Cast Warner Shook as Security Guard Zombie Who Attacks Stephen In Mall Basement (uncredited)
Cast Donna Siegel as Dark Haired Light Brown Bloused Woman Heading Out Door At WGON-TV (uncredited)
Cast Daniel Silk as Blonde Denim Shirt Zombie Who Attacks Roger In Truck (uncredited)
Cast Paul Silverman as 17 Year Old Brunette Yellow Dress Shirt Zombie Clawing At Mall Door (uncredited)
Cast Stephen M. Silverman as Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Chris Singer as Unknown Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Chris Steinbrunner as Unknown Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Larry O. Stricek as Bearded Biker Riding Blue And Yellow Harley-Davidson Panhead Chopper (uncredited)
Cast Christopher Dean Sullivan as Braided Haired Gray Jumpsuit Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Ralph Tallo as Stephen's Grey Suited Airport Zombie Attacker Hit By Sledgehammer (uncredited)
Cast Milt Thompson as Checkered Shirted Zombie Who Attacks Stephen In Elevator (uncredited)
Cast Danny Vail as Mall Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Jeanette Lansel Vaira as Biker Chick (uncredited)
Cast Bobbi Van Eman as Beautiful Curly Haired Female WGON-TV Technician Behind TV Station Employee (uncredited)
Cast Sara Venable as Leotard Zombie Hit By Sledge (uncredited)
Cast Susan Vermazen as Dark Curly Haired Plaid Shirted Zombie In Bikers' Battle (uncredited)
Cast Vincent Vok as WGON - TV Station Employee (uncredited)
Cast Billie Walters as Biker Chick Wearing Brown Headband (uncredited)
Cast Vickie Walters as Brown Leather Jacket Biker Chick Riding With Bearded Sportster Biker (uncredited)
Cast John 'Weezer' Wickerham as Black Knit Cap Sunglasses Bearded Biker (Riding 1977 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide Motorcycle) (uncredited)
Cast Robert Williams (3) as Soldier In Apartment Project (uncredited)
Cast Laura Ziemba as Ice Skating Rink Zombie (uncredited)
A Laurel Group Production In Association With Claudio Argento
A Laurel Group Production In Association With Alfredo Cuomo
Producer Richard P. Rubinstein
Assistant Producer Donna Siegel
Music Dario Argento
Music The Goblins*
Music Agostino Marangolo as (uncredited)
Music Massimo Morante as (uncredited)
Music Fabio Pignatelli as (uncredited)
Music Claudio Simonetti as (uncredited)
Director Of Photography Michael Gornick
Film Editor George A. Romero
Film Editor (Recut Version) Dario Argento as (uncredited)
Casting By John Amplas
Set Decoration Josie Caruso
Set Decoration Barbara Lifsher
Costumes Josie Caruso
Make-up Assistant Nancy Allen
1st Assistant. Make-up Nancy Allen
Make-up Assistant Jeannie Jefferies
1st Assistant. Make-up Jeannie Jefferies
Second Assistant Make-up Artist John Amplas as (uncredited)
Second Assistant Make-up Artist Ted Bank as (uncredited)
Make-up Artist: Lee Cummings Greg Besnak as (uncredited)
Second Assistant Make-up Artist Joseph A. Campayno as (uncredited)
Second Assistant Make-up Artist Randy Kovitz as (uncredited)
Second Assistant Make-up Artist Joseph Pilato as (uncredited)
Second Assistant Make-up Artist Joe Shelby as (uncredited)
Production Manager Zilla Clinton
Unit Manager Jay Stover
Assistant Director Christine Forrest
Graphics Joseph Eberle
Sound Recordist Tony Buba
Sound Tony Buba
Re-Recording Mixer Richard Dior*
Boom Man Robert Williams (3)
Explosive Effects Don Berry
Make-up & Cosmetic Special Effects Tom Savini
Explosive Effects Gary Zeller
Optical Consultant Arthur J. Canestro
Restoration Coordinator: Remastered Version Luciano Vittori Jr.
Stunt Driver: Truck Leonard DeStefans
Stunt Driver: Truck John Konter
Stuntman Tom Savini
Stunt Driver: Truck Carl Scott
Stuntman Taso Stavrakis*
Motorcycle Stunts Trudy Gray as (uncredited)
Stunt Driver Trudy Gray as (uncredited)
Stunt Driver Benjamin Meade as (uncredited)
Stunt Double: Jeannie Jefferies Tom Savini as (uncredited)
Stunt Double: Larry Vaira Tom Savini as (uncredited)
Stunts Marty Schiff as (uncredited)
Stunts Joe Shelby as (uncredited)
Stunt Double: Nancy Friedman Taso N. Stavrakis as (uncredited)
Lighting Technician Carl Augenstein
Grip Dan Bertha
Grip Bradley Drumheller
Assistant Cameraman Tom Dubensky
Key Grip Cliff Forrest
Still Photographer Katherine Kolbert
Grip Lenny Lies*
Key Grip Nick Mastandrea*
Grip Clayton McKinnon
Grip Ken Nagin
Grip Daniel Silk
Electrician Tom Wholey as (uncredited)
Casting Assistant Ellen Hopkins
Casting Assistant Michael Lies
Wardrobe Michele Martin*
Wardrobe Michael Lies as (uncredited)
Assistant Editor (Italian Version) Piero Bozza
Assistant Editor Kenneth Davidow
Advisor: Technicolor Otto Paoloni
Advisor: Technicolor Joey Violante*
Digital Intermediate Restoration Colourist Susumu Asano as (uncredited)
Original Sound Track The Goblins*
Music Recordist Giorgio Agazzi as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Pierre Arvay as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Herbert Chappell as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Roland de Candé as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Even de Tissot as (uncredited)
Music Publisher DeWolfe as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Gordon Grant as (uncredited)
Composer: Additional Music Don Harper as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Don Harper as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Paul Lemel as (uncredited)
Musician: Drums, Percussions, Piano Agostino Marangolo as (uncredited)
Musician: Saxophone Antonio Marangolo as (uncredited)
Musician: Lead Vocals Phil May as (uncredited)
Musician: Guitar, Bass, Mandolin Massimo Morante as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Keith Papworth as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Simon Park as (uncredited)
Musician: Bass And Acoustic Guitar Fabio Pignatelli as (uncredited)
Musician: Drums & Percussions John Povey as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Carlo Rustichelli as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Derek Scott as (uncredited)
Musician: Keyboards, Organ And Violin Claudio Simonetti as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Barry Stoller as (uncredited)
Musician: Lead Guitar Dick Taylor as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Reg Tilsley as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Jack Trombey as (uncredited)
Composer: Additional Music Cliff Twemlow as (uncredited)
Composer: Additional Music Tommy Walker as (uncredited)
Musician: Bass Guitar Wally Waller as (uncredited)
Composer: Stock Music Walter Warren as (uncredited)
Script Consultant Dario Argento
Continuity John Rice
Production Driver Frank A. Serrao as (uncredited)
Production Assistant Leslie Augenstein
Distribution Consultant Ben Barenholtz
Mall Security Jim Barger
Helicopter Pilot Barth Bartholomae
Presenter Billy Baxter*
Titles Jean Bertl
Titles James Chai
Publicity Assistant Francine Davidoff
Production Assistant Margarida Delgado
Slate Diane Donati
Production Accountant Charles Forman
Publicist Renee Furst*
Titles Jose V. Gallardo*
Weapons Cordinator Clayton Hill
Production Assistant Sharon Ceccatti*
Production Assistant Ed Letteri
Titles Karen Levy
Production Assistant Dan Lupovitz
Additional Dialogue: Italian Edition Alberto Piferi
Presenter Herbert R. Steinmann
Business Manager Vince Survinski*
Mall Liaison Bill Wagner
Production Assistant Diane Westerman
Stand-In John Amplas as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: David Emge: Italian Version Cesare Barbetti as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Scott H. Reiniger: Italian Version Manlio De Angelis as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Gaylen Ross: Italian Version Vittoria Febbi as (uncredited)
Craft Service Mark Golik as (uncredited)
Slate Franco Harris as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Ken Foree: Italian Version Glauco Onorato as (uncredited)
Assistant: Mr. Rubinstein Donna Siegel as (uncredited)
Biker Wrangler Larry Vaira as (uncredited)
Produced With The Cooperation Of Robert Cox
Produced With The Cooperation Of Marvin Lieber
Produced With The Cooperation Of Miguel Lisenberg
Produced With The Cooperation Of Alvin Rogal
Produced With The Cooperation Of Frank Rubinstein
Produced With The Cooperation Of Irvin Shapiro
Produced With The Cooperation Of Max Toberoff
Produced With The Cooperation Of Susan Vermazen
Production Company Dawn Associates
Production Company Laurel Group
Distributor Astral Films as (1979) (Canada) (theatrical)
Distributor Constantin Film as (1979) (West Germany) (theatrical)
Distributor MKR Group as (1982) (USA) (theatrical) (re-release)
Distributor Mosfilm as (1979) (Soviet Union) (theatrical)
Distributor Nippon Herald Films as (1979) (Japan) (theatrical) (cut) (Dario Argento cut) (subtitled)
Distributor S.S. Nihalini Movies as (1979) (India) (theatrical)
Distributor Shaw Brothers as (1979) (Hong Kong) (theatrical) (Dario Argento cut)
Distributor Solaris Distribution as (2019) (France) (theatrical) (re-release) (restored version)
Distributor Sonoro Filme as (1980) (Portugal) (theatrical)
Distributor Titanus as (1978) (Italy) (theatrical)
Distributor United Artists as (1979) (Australia) (theatrical)
Distributor United Artists as (1980) (Brazil) (theatrical)
Distributor United Film Distribution Company (UFDC) as (1979) (USA) (theatrical)
Distributor Éditions René Chateau as (1983) (France) (theatrical)
Distributor Ízaro Films as (1979) (Spain) (theatrical)
Sound Transfer Aquarius Sound
Costumes Brooks Van Horn*
Film Shipping C & L Shipping
Production Music De Wolfe Music as (uncredited)
Optical Effects Exceptional Opticals
Equipment F & B Ceco/New York*
Hairstyles Hairtique
Production Services Laurel Tape & Film. Inc.*
Fur Coats Lupovitz Furs
Costumes Maiers. Pittsburgh*
Produced With The Cooperation Of Oxford Development Co.
Produced With The Cooperation Of Pennsylvania National Guard (1st Battalion. 10th Field Artillery)
Produced With The Cooperation Of Pittsburgh Explorers Club
Produced With The Cooperation Of Pittsburgh Housing Authority
Sets Production Coordinators
Produced With The Cooperation Of Resource Investments. Inc.*
Insurance Rogal & Company*
Helicopter Services Royale Helicopter. Inc.*
Production Services The Latent Image. Inc.*
Hi-Fi Equipment The Listening Post. Inc.*
Weapons The Plastics Factory
Production Services The Ultimate Mirror. Ltd.*
Re-Recording Mixer Trans/Audio. Inc.*
Production Accounting Wechsher Meyers Wolsh
Home Furnishings Wickes Furniture
Notes Following an ever-growing epidemic of zombies that have risen from the dead, two Philadelphia S.W.A.T. team members, a traffic reporter, and his television executive girlfriend seek refuge in a secluded shopping mall.


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