Corsair Canards


Main Details
Premiere Date 1991-11-03
Category TV Episode
Written By Christy Marx
Music By Doug Katsaros
Supervising Director Karen Peterson
Animation Director Maxwell Becraft
Animation Director Richard Bowman
Animation Director Bob Bransford
Animation Director John Cataldi
Animation Director Rudy Cataldi
Animation Director Pat Clark
Animation Director Barbara Dourmashkin
Animation Director Thomas McLaughlin Jr.
Animation Director Fred Miller
Animation Director Graham Morris
Animation Director Margaret Nichols
Animation Director Tom Tataranowicz
Animation Director John Wilson
Animation Dialogue Exposure Erick Jan Peterson
Storyboard Directors Armando Carillo
Storyboard Directors Brian Chin
Storyboard Directors Romeo Francisco
Storyboard Directors Adrian Gonzalez
Storyboard Directors Larry Houston
Storyboard Directors Boyd Kirkland
Storyboard Directors Todd Kurasawa
Storyboard Directors Butch Lukic
Storyboard Directors Don Manuel
Storyboard Directors Will Meugniot
Storyboard Directors Frank Paur
Storyboard Directors Clint Taylor
Models John Ahern
Models Fred Carrillo
Voices Directed By Wally Burr
Voice Recording Engineer Allon Brooks
Production Coordinator Ellen Burr
Recording Assistant Deborah Wainwright
Talen Coordinator Josanne B. Lovick Productions
Voice Talents Of Long John Baldry
Voice Talents Of Jay Brazeau
Voice Talents Of Gary Chalk
Voice Talents Of Doc Harris
Voice Talents Of Simon Kendall
Voice Talents Of Sam Khouth
Voice Talents Of Terry Klassen
Voice Talents Of Scott McNeil
Voice Talents Of Shane Meier
Voice Talents Of Jason Michas
Voice Talents Of Richard Newman
Voice Talents Of Doug Parker
Voice Talents Of Margot Pinvidic
Voice Talents Of David Steele
Voice Talents Of Dale Wilson
Title Song By Doug Katsaros
Animation Supervisor Gerald Moeller
Layout Supervisor Fred Miller
Layout Supervisor Dean Spille
Color Design Mary Ann Steward
Color Design Jeanette Nouribekian
Background Design Bob Schaefer
Background Design Lorraine Marue
Layout Design Steve Olds
Layout Design E.R. Cruz
Post Production Consultant Lloyd Goldfine
Sound Supervisor Sofi PHP
Mixing Ramses
Sound Effects Bell X-1
Telecine VDM
Telecine Delta Print
Negative Cutter Synchromontage
Music Editor Christophe Maire
Picture Editor Jim Burgess
Video Tape Editing Pad Video
Animation Studio Akom Production Company
Director Hoon-Chil Joo
Director Hang-Duk Cho
Director Jae-Yul Shim
Director Young-Ok Yeo
Director Kyung-Chook Sah
Director Jae-Ho Hong
Director Seung-Jin Oh
In Association With IDDH
Co-Director Barham Rohani
Co-Director Rene Huchez
Created By Larry Hama
Associate Story Consultant Neal Adams
Associate Story Consultant Larry Hama
Notes Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars
- Episode 9


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