Main Details
Premiere Date 2005
Category Feature Film
Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Brendan Frye
Starring Nora Zehetner
Starring Noah Fleiss
Starring Matt O'Leary
Starring Noah Segan
Starring Meagan Good
Starring Emilie de Ravin as Emily
Starring Richard Roundtree
Starring Lukas Haas
Casting By Shannon Makhanian
Costume Designer Michele Posch
Music By Nathan Johnson
Music By Jodie Lynn Tillen
Director Of Photography Steve Yedlin
Co-producer Dana Lustig
Co-producer Susan Dynner
Co-producer Angela Roessel
Executive Producer Lisa Johnson
Executive Producer Craig Johnson
Executive Producer Norman Dreyfuss
Executive Producer Marcie Campbell
Produced By Ram Bergman
Produced By Mark G. Mathis
Written By, Directed By Rian Johnson


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