The Way We Was


Main Details
Premiere Date 1991-01-24
Category TV Episode
Created By Matt Groening
Director David Silverman
Written By Al Jean
Written By Mike Reiss
Written By Sam Simon
Voice Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson / Bald Critic / Barney Gumble / Grampa Simpson
Voice Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson / Jacqueline Bouvier / Patty Bouvier / Selma Bouvier
Voice Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson
Voice Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson
Voice Harry Shearer as McBain / Fat Critic / Dr. Hibbert / Principal Dondelinger / Guidance Counsellor McIntyre / Clancy Bouvier / Coach Flanagan
Voice Hank Azaria as Police Captain / Teacher / Wiseguy / Waiter
Voice Tress MacNeille as Kim / Mrs. Bloominstein
Voice Maggie Roswell as Estelle / Others
Voice Jon Lovitz as Artie Ziff / Mr. Seckofsky
Notes The Simpsons
- Season 2, Episode 12


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