5 bambole per la luna d'agosto


Main Details
Premiere Date 1970-03-14
Alternative Titles
  • 5 Dolls For An August Moon (English)
  • L'Île De L'Epouvante (French)
  • Cinco Muñecas Para La Luna De Agosto (Spanish)
Category Feature Film
Director, Film Editor Mario Bava
Assistant Mario Bianchi as Assistant Director
Screenwriter, Screen Story Writer Mario di Nardo
Producer Luigi Alessi
Production Company Produzioni Atlas Consorziate
Cinematographer Antonio Rinaldi
Production Designer Giulia Mafai
Creator Giulia Mafai as Costume Design
Creator Ettore Catalucci as Special Effects ( Optical Effects )
Creator Oretta Melaranci as Make-up
Sound Leopoldo Rosi
Composer Piero Umiliani
Actor William Berger as Professor Fritz Farrel
Actress Ira Furstenberg* as Trudy Farrel
Actress Edwige Fenech as Marie Chaney
Actor Maurice Poli as Nick Chaney
Actor Howard Ross as Jack Davidson
Actress Justine Gall* as Isabel
Actor Mauro Bosco as Jacques
Actor Teodoro Corrà as George Stark
Actress Helena Ronee as Peggy Davidson
Actress Edith Meloni as Jill Stark
Notes The film is loosely based on the novel "And Then There Were None" (1939) by Agatha Christie.

The movie was shot in Rome and on the Roman coast ( Anzio and Tor Caldara ) in the October 1969.
The studio scenes was filmed at Dear Studios, in Rome.

In the soundtrack composed by Pietro Umiliani is included also a song by italian rock band, Il Balletto Di Bronzo.

Quentin Tarantino paid tribute to the film in a scene of "Kill Bill - Volume 1" (2003).


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