Bart Gets Hit By A Car


Main Details
Premiere Date 1990-01-10
Category TV Episode
Created By Matt Groening
Director Mark Kirkland
Director David Silverman
Written By John Swartzwelder
Voice Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson / Blue-Haired Lawyer / Barney Gumble / Sam
Voice Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson
Voice Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson / Hospital Tannoy
Voice Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson
Voice Harry Shearer as Waylon Smithers / Montgomery Burns / Satan / Dr. Hibbert / Lenny / Judge Snyder (aka Molton) / Herman
Voice Hank Azaria as Dr. Nick Riviera / Bailiff / Moe Szyslak
Voice Doris Grau as Della
Voice Phil Hartman as Heavenly Voice / Lionel Hutz
Notes The Simpsons
- Season 2, Episode 10


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