The Terminator


Main Details
Premiere Date 1984-10-26
Alternative Titles
  • The Terminator - Tuhoaja (Finnish)
  • Terminator (German)
  • Ο Εξολοθρευτής (Greek)
  • Terminátor - A halálosztó (Hungarian)
  • Elektroniczny morderca (Polish)
  • Терминатор (Russian)
Category Feature Film
Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator
Actor Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese
Actor Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor
Actor Paul Winfield as Lieutenant Ed Traxler
Actor Lance Henriksen as Detective Hal Vukovich
Actor Rick Rossovich as Matt Buchanan
Actor Bess Motta as Ginger Ventura
Actor Earl Boen as Dr. Peter Silberman
Actor Dick Miller as Pawn Shop Clerk
Actor Franco Columbu as Future Terminator
Actor Bill Paxton as Punk Leader
Directed By James Cameron
Produced By Gale Anne Hurd
Written By James Cameron
Written By Gale Anne Hurd
Music By Brad Fiedel
Cinematography Adam Greenberg
Edited By Mark Goldblatt
Production Manager Bruce Kerner


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