Gli Orrori Del Castello Di Norimberga


Main Details
Premiere Date 1972
Alternative Titles
  • Baron Blood (English)
  • Chamber Of Tortures (English)
  • The Blood Baron (English)
  • The Thirst of Baron Blood (English)
  • The Torture Chamber of Baron Blood (English)
  • Barão Sanguinário (Portuguese (Brazil))
  • Orgía De Sangre (Spanish)
  • Baron vampire (French)
  • A Câmara De Torturas Do Barão Sangrento (Portuguese)
  • Камера Пыток (Russian)
  • Кровавый Барон (Russian)
  • Baron Blood (German)
Category Feature Film
Director Mario Bava
Writer Vincent Fotre
Writer William A. Bairn
Actor Joseph Cotten as Baron Otto von Kleist
Actor Elke Sommer as Eva Arnold
Actor Massimo Girotti as Dr. Karl Hummel
Actor Antonio Cantafora as Peter Kleist
Actor Luciano Pigozzi as Fritz
Actor Umberto Raho as Inspector
Actor Rada Rassimov as Christina Hoffmann
Actor Dieter Tressler as Mayor Dortmundt
Music By Les Baxter


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