Profondo Rosso


Main Details
Premiere Date 1975
Alternative Titles
  • Deep Red (English)
  • The Hatchet Murders (English)
  • Кроваво-Красное (Russian)
  • The Deep Red Hatchet Murders (English)
  • Les Frissons De L'angoïsse (French)
  • Sasuperia Part 2 (Japanese)
Category Feature Film
Director Dario Argento
Writer Dario Argento
Writer Bernardino Zapponi
Producer Salvatore Argento
Producer Angelo Iacono
Production Company Rizzoli Film
Production Company Seda Spettacoli
Director Of Photography Luigi Kuveiller
Film Editor Franco Fraticelli
Creator Germano Natali as Special Effects
Creator Carlo Rambaldi as Special Effects
Creator Giuseppe Bassan as Scenography
Creator Elena Mannini as Costume Design
Creator Giuliano Laurenti as Make-up
Creator Giovanni Morosi as Make-up
Sound Mario Faraoni
Music Goblin
Music Giorgio Gaslini
Starring David Hemmings as Marcus Daly, The Piano Player
Starring Daria Nicolodi as Gianna Brezzi, The Journalist
Actor Gabriele Lavia as Carlo
Actress Macha Méril as Helga Ulmann, The Medium
Actor Eros Pagni as Calcabrini, Police Commissioner
Actress Giuliana Calandra as Amanda Righetti
Actor Piero Mazzinghi as Bardi
Actor Glauco Mauri as Prof. Giordani
Actress Clara Calamai as Marta, Carlo's Mother
Actor Aldo Bonamano as Carlo's Father
Actress Liana Del Balzo as Elvira, The Maid Of Righetti (La Domestica Della Righetti)
Actor Vittorio Fanfoni as Cop Taking Notes
Actor Dante Fioretti as Police Photographer
Actress Geraldine Hooper as Massimo Ricci, Carlo's Friend
Actor Jacopo Mariani as Young Carlo
Actor Fulvio Meniconi as Rodi, Keeper Of The Villa (Custode Della Villa)
Actress Nicoletta Elmi as Olga, Keeper's Daughter (Figlia Del Custode)
Actor Fulvio Mingozzi as Agent Mingozzi
Actor Salvatore Puntillo as Cop
Actor Piero Vida as Fat Cop
Actor Tom Felleghi as Surgeon (Chirurgo)
Actor Attilio Dottesio as Floriculturist (Floricultore)
Actor Salvatore Baccaro as Greengrocer (Fruttivendolo)
Notes The movie was shot during the 1974 fall in Turin, Rome and Perugia.
The indoor scene was filmed at De Paolis Studios in Rome.

The night club located below "David Hemmings" apartment is a tribute by Dario Argento to the 1942 painting by Edward Hopper "Nighthawks".


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