Il Gatto A Nove Code


Main Details
Premiere Date 1971
Alternative Titles
  • The Cat o' Nine Tails (English)
  • Cat o' Nine Tails (English (Video))
  • Η γάτα με τις εννέα ουρές (Greek)
  • Die Neunschwänzige Katze (German)
  • Le Chat à Neuf Queues (French)
Category Feature Film
Director Dario Argento
Screenplay Dario Argento
Subject Dario Argento
Subject Luigi Collo
Subject Dardano Sacchetti
Producer Salvatore Argento
Production Company Seda Spettacoli
Production Company Mondial Te.Fi. - Televisione Film
Production Company Labrador Films, Paris
Production Company Terra Filmkunst
Music By Ennio Morricone
Director Of Photography Erico Menczer
Film Editor Franco Fraticelli
Creator Carlo Leva as Costume Design ( Costumi )
Creator Carlo Leva as Scenography ( Scenografia )
Creator Giuseppe Ferranti as Make-up
Creator Piero Mecacci as Make-up
Actor James Franciscus as Carlo Giordani
Actor Karl Malden as Franco Arnò
Actress Catherine Spaak as Anna Terzi
Actor Pier Paolo Capponi as Police Supt. Spini
Actor Horst Frank as Dr. Braun
Actress Rada Rassimov as Bianca Merusi
Actor Aldo Reggiani as Dr. Casoni
Actor Carlo Alighiero as Dr. Calabresi
Actor Vittorio Congia as The Photographer Righetto
Actor Ugo Fangareggi as Gigi the Loser ( Gigi " Scalogna " )
Actor Tom Felleghy as Dr. Esson
Actor Emilio Marchesini as Dr. Mombelli
Actor Fulvio Mingozzi as Spimi's man
Actor Corrado Olmi as Morsella
Actor Pino Patti as Barber
Actress Cinzia De Carolis as Lori Arnò
Actor Tino Carraro as Prof. Fulvio Terzi
Actor Werner Pochath as Manuel
Actor Umberto Raho as Former Lover Of Manuel ( Ex Amante Di Manuel )
Actor Jacques Stany as Prof. Manera
Actor Stefano Oppedisano as Taxi driver ( Tassista )
Actress Ada Pometti as Telephone Operator ( Operatrice Telefonica )
Actress Margherita Horowitz as Lori's Baby Sitter
Actress Marie Luise Zetha
Actor Gianni Di Benedetto
Notes The film was shot in Turin, Rome and Pomezia (near Rome).
The track "Paranoia Prima" by Ennio Morricone, taken from the soundtrack of the film was reused in Death Proof, the Quentin Tarantino segment of the movie "Grindhouse" (2007).


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