L'uccello Dalle Piume Di Cristallo


Main Details
Premiere Date 1970
Alternative Titles
  • The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (English)
  • Point Of Terror (English (US))
  • The Phantom Of Terror (English (US))
  • Das Geheimnis Der Schwarzen Handschuhe (German)
  • O P├íssaro com Plumas de Cristal (Portuguese (Portugal))
Category Feature Film
Written By, Directed By Dario Argento
Subject Dario Argento
Produced By Salvatore Argento
Production Company Seda Spettacoli
Production Company Central Cinema Company Film
Director Of Photography Vittorio Storaro
Film Editor Franco Fraticelli
Creator Dario Micheli as Scenography
Creator Dario Micheli as Costume Design ( Costumi )
Creator Pino Ferranti* as Make-up
Music By Ennio Morricone
Starring Tony Musante as Sam Dalmas
Starring Suzy Kendall as Julia
Starring Enrico Maria Salerno as Inspector Morosini
Starring (With) Eva Renzi as Monica Ranieri
Starring (With) Umberto Raho as Alberto Ranieri
Starring (With) Renato Romano as Professor Carlo Dover
Starring (With) Giuseppe Castellano as Monti
Starring (And With The Participation Of) Mario Adorf as Berto Consalvi
Actress Annamaria Spogli as 3th Victim
Actress Rosita Torosh as 4th Victim
Actress Karen Valenti as 5th Victim
Actor Pino Patti as Filagna
Actor Gildo Di Marco as Garullo / Addio
Actor Omar Bonaro as Police Detective 1
Actor Fulvio Mingozzi as Police Detective 2
Actor Bruno Erba as Police Detective 3
Actor Werner Peters as Antique Dealer ( Antiquario )
Actor Reggie Nalder as Tracker With Yellow Jacket ( Inseguitore Col Giubbetto Giallo )
Actress Maria Tedeschi as Old Woman In The Fog ( Anziana Nella Nebbia )
Actor Giovanni Di Benedetto as Prof. Rinaldi
Notes An Italian-German co-production.
Filmed in Chromoscope.
Filming for the movie, which began in September 1969, lasted for six weeks.
The movie was shot in Rome.


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