Mummy Dearest


Main Details
Premiere Date 1986-09-16
Category TV Episode
Created By Marc Richards
Written By Bob Forward
Director Ernie Schmidt
Executive Vice President - Creative Affairs Arthur H. Nadel
Vice President in Charge of Production Joseph A. Mazzuca
Production Manager R.W. Pope
Voice Pat Fraley
Voice Peter Cullen
Voice Alan Oppenheimer
Voice Susan Blu
Voice Linda Gary
Voice Erik Gunden
Voice Erika Scheimer
Adapted for Animation By Robby London
Adapted for Animation By Barry O'Brien
Art Director-Development Unit John Grusd
Production Design Rick Maki
Production Design Gerald Forton
Production Design Tenny Henson
Production Design Connie Schurr
Character Design Supervisors Diane Keener
Character Design Supervisors Herb Hazelton
Assistant Character Design Supervisor Harry Sabin
Character Design Artists Bronwen Barry
Character Design Artists Enrique May
Character Design Artists Keith Baxter
Character Design Artists Lewis Ott
Character Design Artists Thomas Bird
Character Design Artists Chris Peterson
Character Design Artists Larry Eikleberry
Character Design Artists Rick Quiroz
Character Design Artists Dale Hendrickson
Character Design Artists Charles Zembillas
Storyboard Supervisors Bob Arkwright
Storyboard Supervisors Egidio V. Dal Chele
Storyboard Artist Bill Barry
Storyboard Artist Don Manuel
Storyboard Artist Cullen Blaine
Storyboard Artist Hal Mason
Storyboard Artist Rachel Brenner
Storyboard Artist David Prince
Storyboard Artist Ron Campbell
Storyboard Artist Jim Schull
Storyboard Artist Yi-Chih Chen
Storyboard Artist Mike Sosnowski
Storyboard Artist Humberto De Le Fuente
Storyboard Artist Hanna Strauss
Storyboard Artist Flamarion Ferreira
Storyboard Artist Michael A. Swanigan
Storyboard Artist Gary B. Goldstein
Storyboard Artist Karl Toerge
Storyboard Artist Glen W. Hill
Storyboard Artist Tom Sito
Storyboard Artist Victoria Jenson
Storyboard Artist Tom Tataranowicz
Storyboard Artist Robert Lamb
Storyboard Artist Vincenzo Trippetti
Layout Department Supervisor David A. West
Layout Supervisor Kurt Anderson
Layout Supervisor Terry Keil
Layout Supervisor Craig Armstrong
Layout Supervisor Warren Marshall
Layout Supervisor Curtis Cim
Layout Supervisor Chrystal Klabunde
Layout Supervisor Bart Seitz
Layout Supervisor Tom Shannon
Layout Supervisor Sherri Weinhart
Layout Artist Pete Alvardo
Layout Artist Carlos Baeza
Layout Artist Rex Barron
Layout Artist Armando Carrillo
Layout Artist Kathleen Castillo
Layout Artist Hee-ja Cho
Layout Artist Hyansook Cho
Layout Artist Thomas Coppola
Layout Artist Susan Crossley
Layout Artist Lindsay Dawson
Layout Artist Dave O'Day
Layout Artist Kevin Frank
Layout Artist Sergio Garcia
Layout Artist Drew Gentle
Layout Artist Bob Givens
Layout Artist Edward Haney
Layout Artist Karenia Kaminski
Layout Artist John Koch
Layout Artist William M. Lotz
Layout Artist Istvan Majoros
Layout Artist Linda McCall
Layout Artist Jean Paynter
Layout Artist John Perry
Layout Artist Rocco Pirrone
Layout Artist Sean Platter
Layout Artist Jason So
Layout Artist Maureen Trueblood
Layout Artist Robert Tyler
Layout Artist Cliff Voorhees
Layout Artist Curt Walsted
Layout Artist Martin C. Warner
Layout Artist Mark Westermoe
Layout Artist Jim Willoughby
Layout Artist Pat Wong
Background Design Supervisor Lorenzo Martinez
Assistant Background Design Supervisor Dan St. Pierre
Background Design Artist Enzo Baldi
Background Design Artist Leandro Martinez
Background Design Artist Tim Callahan
Background Design Artist Armando Notre
Background Design Artist Nino Carbe
Background Design Artist Jeff Purves
Background Design Artist Derek Parks-Carter
Background Design Artist Michael J. Spooner
Background Design Artist Frank Frezzo
Background Design Artist Mark R. Wallace
Background Design Artist Rene Garcia
Assistant Layout Supervisor Irma Rosien
Assistant Supervisor Barbara Benedetto
Assistant Layout Artist Jennifer Costin
Assistant Layout Artist Joe F. Elliott
Assistant Layout Artist Ellen Kashan
Assistant Layout Artist Patricia Keppler
Assistant Layout Artist Susan Semer
Director of Color Ervin L. Kaplan
Background Supervisor Don Schweikert
Background Artist Craig Robertson
Background Artist Thomas O'Loughlin
Background Artist Donald Watson
Background Artist Rolando Oliva
Background Artist Timothy Maloney
Background Artist Gary Conklin
Background Artist Ann Guenther
Background Artist Donald Peters
Background Artist Robert E. Stanton
Background Artist Ruben Chavez
Background Artist Flamarion Ferreira
Background Artist Robert Kalafut
Background Artist Joseph Binggeli
Background Artist David McBride
Background Artist Dean Ross Gordon
Background Artist Larry Grossman
Background Artist Alan Bodner
Background Artist Joe Denton
Background Artist Al Budnick
Animator Barry Anderson
Animator Ben Farish
Animator Robert Alvarez
Animator Rick Farmiloe
Animator Rich Arons
Animator Marcia Fertig
Animator Arland Barron
Animator Michael R. Gerard
Animator Vincent Bassols
Animator Frank Gonzales
Animator Carole Beers
Animator Carl Hall
Animator Carl Bell
Animator Lee Halpern
Animator Bob Bemiller
Animator Harry Holt
Animator Moon Choi
Animator Richard Hoffman
Animator Pat Clark
Animator Karen Haus
Animator Tom Cook
Animator Glen Kennedy
Animator Ken Cope
Animator Saeil Kim
Animator Jamie Davis
Animator Aundre Knutson
Animator Zeon Davush
Animator Jang Woo Lee
Animator Daniel De La Vega
Animator Julio Guerreo Leon
Animator Chris Dent
Animator Mircea Manta
Animator Lil Evans
Animator Burt Medall
Animator Costy Mustatea
Animator Young Q. Rhim
Animator Dennis Neil
Animator Joe Roman
Animator Jane Nordin
Animator Louise Sandoval
Animator Mike O'Connor
Animator Don Schloat
Animator Eduardo Olivares
Animator Kunio Shimamura
Animator Bill Pratt
Animator Karlis Smiltens
Animator Dave Prince
Animator Ken Southworth
Animator Virgel Raddatz
Animator Mike Toth
Animator Dana Reemes
Animator Neal Warner
Animator Greg Reyna
Animator Al Wilzbach
Animation Special Effects Supervisor Brett Hisey
Animation Special Effects Dardo Velez
Animation Special Effects Randy Fullmer
Animation Special Effects Dan Chaika
Animation Special Effects Allan Stoval
Animation Special Effects Mark Myer
Animation Special Effects Richard Coleman
Animation Special Effects Peggy Cullen
Assistant Animation Supervisor Doris Plough
Key Assistant Coordinators Dori Littell-Herrick
Key Assistant Coordinators Randy Sanchez
Animation Checking Supervisor Bev Randles
Xerography Supervisor John Remmel
Ink & Paint Supervisor Flavia Mitman
Mark-up Supervisor Letha Prince
Head of Special Effects Shurl Lupin
Head of Final Checking Howard Schwartz
Cel Service Supervisor Lou Digerolamo
Scene Planning Supervisor Mike Hazy
Post-Production Supervisor Joe Simon
Camera Supervisor Fred Ziegler
Cameraman Dean Teves
Cameraman David Link
Cameraman Dan C. Larsen
Cameraman Lindsay Rogers
Cameraman Veronica Hantke
Cameraman Robert Jacobs
Cameraman Ronald Jackson
Cameraman Jerry Wittington
Cameraman Steven Damiani
Cameraman Richard Taylor
Cameraman Charles Warren
Cameraman Steven Wilzbach
Cameraman John Cunningham
Supervising Editor George Mahana
Music Supervisor Erika Scheimer
Film Editor Joe Gall
Film Editor Lida Saskova
Sound Editor Don Kenney
Sound Editor Bill Kean
Sound Editor Charlie Rychwalkski
Sound Editor Jeff Patch
Music Editor Sam Horta
Music Editor Brian Mars
Music Editor Cecil Broughton
Film Coordinator June Gilham
Film Coordinator Christie Meyer
Sound By Todd-Ao
Sound By Glen Glenn
Color By CFI
Educational Advisor Dr. Gordon L. Berry
Recording Director Erika Scheimer
Recording Coordinator Pamela Vincent
Production Coordinator Robin Tismeer
Notes Ghostbusters
- Episode 7


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