Main Details
Premiere Date 1979-06-29
Alternative Titles
  • ミートボール (Japanese)
Directed By Ivan Reitman
Written By Harold Ramis
Written By Dan Goldberg
Written By Len Blum
Written By Janis Allen
Music By Elmer Bernstein
Starring Bill Murray as Tripper
Starring Chris Makepeace as Rudy
Starring Kate Lynch as Roxane
Starring Harvey Atkin as Morty
Starring Russ Banham as Crockett
Starring Kristine DeBell as A.L.
Starring Sarah Torgov as Candace
Starring Jack Blum as Spaz
Starring Keith Knight as Fink
Starring Cindy Girling as Wendy
Starring Todd Hoffman as Wheels
Starring Margot Pinvidic as Jackie
Starring Matt Craven as Hardware
Starring Norma Dell'Agnese as Brenda
Starring Michael Kirby as Eddy
Starring Greg Swanson as Phil
Starring Ron Barry as Lance
Starring Paul Boyle as Ace
Starring Vince Guerriero as Rhino
Starring Jim McLarty as Horse
Starring Heather Preece as Patti
Starring Ruth Rennie as Jody
Starring Alison Diver as Carla
Starring Valerie Fersht as Liza
Starring Allan Levson as Peter
Starring Patrick Hynes as Andrew
Starring Hadley Kay as Bradley
Starring Bill Kishonti as Jeffrey
Starring Peter Hume as The Stomach
Starring Larry Solway as Interviewer
Executive Producer John Dunning
Produced By Daniel Goldberg
Executive Producer André Link
Associate Producer Larry Nesis
Music By Elmer Bernstein
Cinematography By Donald Wilder
Notes Campers get into some crazy situations at a peculiar summer camp.


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