Mad Max 2


Main Details
Premiere Date 1981-12-24
Alternative Titles
  • The Road Warrior (English)
  • Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (English)
  • Mad Max 2 - Der Vollstrecker (German)
  • Mad Max 2 (Wojownik szos) (Polish)
  • Mad Max II: El guerrero de la carretera (Spanish)
Category Feature Film
Directed By George Miller
Screenplay Brian Hannant
Screenplay Terry Hayes
Screenplay George Miller
Music By Brian May
Cast Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky
Cast Bruce Spence as Captain
Cast Michael Preston as Pappagallo
Cast Max Phipps as The Toadie
Cast Vernon Wells as Wez
Cast Emil Minty as The Feral Kid
Cast Kjell Nilsson as Lord Humungus
Notes All DVD prints and all international VHS prints (and Australian post-1995 VHS prints) use the American "Road Warrior" title. The Australian "Mad Max 2" title is only found on the original 1980s Australian VHS release.


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